From Cape Town to Manchester, From Steven Smith to Paine, From Darren Lehmann to Justin Langer. It’s all about the rebuilding of the Kangaroos from being booed to retain the Ashes in England. Prime Video’s The Test : A New Era for Australia’s Team is what builds a team broken of circumstances to a unite Institution playing for Nation. It’s something like a team moving from, playing for ‘myself’ to playing for ‘ourselves’. The Test : A New Era for Australia’s Team of Amazon is something a Cricket Fan will be loving for sure, will get goosebumps too. The mindset of one for Australian Cricket Side, or any, will change after streaming The Test. 

The Test : A New Era for Australia
Australian captain Tim Paine lifts the coveted Urn after his side retained Ashes in England.

It’s Sunday, Quarantined at home, or looking for something exciting to watch, Just Opt in for The Test. Adrian Brown and his Camera Crew takes you into the Living Dressing Rooms of the World’s most Competent Team. Australian Cricket Team has always been the Movie to watch for Aggression &  Romance of Winning from Decades. But last couple of years haven’t been the same, they moved from World Cup Winners to ‘Cheats’. This Story of Australian Cricket romanticizes the phase of Moving On for the team and gets the Binge Watchers attracted towards the Back end of a Cricket Team.

Sandpapergate Scandal

Steven Smith, Sand Paper Gate Crying Photo
The sandpaper cheating scandal that engulfed Steve Smith and other Australian cricketers in 2018 led to a review that criticized cricket’s ‘gilded bubble’.

On March 24, 2018, After the Lunch on Third day of Cape Town Test, Australian Player Cameron Bancroft was seen rubbing the Ball with a Yellow Object. It was a severe case of Ball Tampering, trying to get the Moral High hand, the Captain Smith, Deputy to him Warner accepted their wrong doing. The Australian Coach also came in front of the media but only to accept & resign. The Three players including Bancroft were barred from playing cricket for One Year (Bancroft served a smaller 9 month ban). There was way to less criticism faced from the International Cricket Fraternity, than they faced from their Own Fans. The Australian team after the South African Tour was in the Hands of Justin Langer, with the Camera in hand of Adrian Brown’s team. Cricket Australia allowed his team to fly with and Film the revamp of Australian Cricket called as The Test : A New Era For Australia’s Team.

Justin Langer & Tim Paine

The Australian Cricket was now in the hands of newbies like Tim Paine as Captain and Justin Langer as Head Coach. The Show is narrated by many Players, Commentators, & Journalists but it had these two Protagonists. They were the two who were seen as the most concerned peeps in the Dressing Room about the Team (obvio. the duty says). Justin Langer, Tim Paine with a few more guys were the two common faces seen from the First to the Last Episode.

The Test : A New Era for Australia's Team
The reigning Test Captain Tim Paine and Coach Justin Langer in the The Test

The Test proves that there’s Cricket flowing in Langer’s Blood, thus defining his love for the Game. He’s very demanding, he’s relentless and he wants his team to fight till the end, at least that’s what the cameras show. Gutsy Langer was seen tough to everyone in the side but was the only constant Motivation for the guys in the Pavilion. He asked the boys to play for their Nation, and for the Baggy Green Cap. Justin Langer’s DNA of Cricket was perpetrated to the team and the broken team played as a Unit. Langer took the charge of not only providing with results, but majorly letting the team out of fear. ‘Fear of Loosing’ is what Australia needed to come over after they were thrashed 5-0 in 2018 ODIs against England.

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Watch How Justin Langer Motivated :

Emotions of The Game

Imagine a Batsmen using harsh slang, throwing Equipments on Ground on getting himself out. Refree can put a ban, or penalise but what if I say it actually happens. Yes! In Flow of Emotions Bats, Helmets, Gloves and what not one could see flying in the Australian Dressing Room with the F-Word being used every Single Minute. Frustrated Finch thought of not lecturing the guys in dressing room as he himself was not Delivering. He flew with emotions, thinking it to be ethically wrong until Coach appreciates his acceptance.

Travis Head and Nathan Lyon
The Moment of Joy for Travis Head as Nathan Lyon breaks down handling him the Test Cap.

The Series also show us those moments when players Cried of whatsoever reasons. Once, Nathan Lyon breaks down as he hands over his close mate the baggy green cap. The moment of joy, and meeting of families also demanded a few droplets of Tears in the eyes of Players. Usman Khawaja and Shaun Marsh break down after they are ruled out of the World Cup. Usman Khawaja tells the viewers that this is the first time when because of cricket, he cried.

The Indian Challenge

From The Test, it is quite clear now, why India won the Test Series in Australia. For Australia Virat is India, and India seemed to be Virat, which helped Cheteshwar Pujara Escape with 3 Brilliant Centuries. The Focus of Australian Cricket Team especially their Captain Tim Paine was only on Virat, making it ‘Virat Vs Australia’. Australia previously had only played Pakistan in tests after the Sandpapergate incident, that too they ended on the Loosing side. This was the first time they invited a team to play Tests after the Scandal.

India Won the Test Series in Australua
India become first Asian team to win a Test series in Australia. It took 71 years for an Indian team to realize a dream no one else could.

Respect Vs Australia Vs Virat

This Indian Challenge brought Gallows to Australia, they were 3-1 down if the Sydney Clouds would have not teared, letting the 4th Test finish on drawing note. They tried not to sledge, the Indian Side any kind of wordings and Aggression was not in their Breakfast served by Langer & Paine to the boys.

“Kohli will either look to pick a fight with you or go to the guys he knows and try and be all mates with them. Either way, I want him completely ignored,” said Captain Paine to the guys

Kohli & Boys were all set to get the Under Scanner team on back foot, with the Run Machine starting it all. The Australian Team in order to get back the lost Self Respect did not introspect the situation, until Langer asked his boys to do so. Coach Justin Langer, who at his time was involved in many banters, thought the situation of the team as a ‘Punching Bag’.

“I remember that afternoon (feeling) like a punching bag. We can’t fight back because it felt like we had our hands behind our backs and we just had to take it. It just felt a bit double standards to me. Imagine if we behaved two out of ten (of) that.” said a feisty Langer

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Virat Kohli and Tim Paine getting Physical
Virat Kohli and Tim Paine bump into each other during day four of the Test match in Perth.

See What Tim Paine has to say on getting Physical with his Indian Counterpart on Day 4 of the Perth Test. The incident took place during the Wicket less First Session, when Australian Captain took a Single. Paine broke his whip of not exchanging words, but Virat made him helpless. See What Tim Paine has to say on the Physio-Verbal Spat :

The plan was not to talk to him when he was batting. When we were batting it’s kind of up to the individual what they want to do. I sort of just had enough and thought you also have to stand up for yourself and your teammates and that was one of the reasons I thought, ‘no, I’m the captain, it’s my turn, I have to stand up and show him we’re here for the fight’.

The Test : A New Era for Australia’s Team and it’s India Connect

The Test : A New Era for Australia’s Team gave India the most On-Air Time with the England parallel to it. The Producers of the Show managed one Episode of it in India as well, showing the Australian side making a call for World Cup with a 3-2 Win. The Critics from both the Cricket and Filming Industry, never thought of Indian Side getting the Screen for more than Three Episodes. No one Saw it coming even after the Release of Trailer, but this is what makes the show a must watch for Indians as Well. The Show is not at all about The Tests in England, it’s all for the Reinventing of Australia. The Team is showed moving from Pakistan to India to Sri Lanka to World Cup and then to the Ashes (which actually the Makers Target).

The Test : A New Era for Australia's Team
Marcus Stoinis enjoys palying in India, as he shares his experience of Indian Cricket. In Photo : Jolly Virat Kohli and Marcus in Australia

The Love for Cricket in India also gets a part in play, as Australia never faced things like ‘Cheats’ to be chanted. The Australian Team rather had to face the Indian Love for them, which barred them from Roaming in India. The Players talked about India and love of it’s people, saying that all the Indian Fans want a selfie in exchange of Love. Marcus Stoinis reveals his emotions for India and the Cricket India has been playing.

‘India is the most talented team in the world. Hands down. The players not playing are way more talented than me’ said Stoinis. ‘I love playing in India. I love the culture – its unmatched energy. It heightens all your senses. If you can harness all that excitement, that energy there is no way you can rock up there and not be motivated to play’ he added for the Indian Audience.

Aaron Finch and his ‘Nightmares’

After Steven Smith was ousted by the Australian Cricket Board, Aaron Finch was given the Charge in Limited Overs. He was just going bad & bad every time he came into bat, in all Three Forms of Game against India. The Captain in the Series tells us about the Fear of Indian Fast bowlers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah who took Wicket Just for ‘Fun’. He said

I’d wake up in a cold sweat, [Bhuvneshwar] got me out a lot with the ball moving back in. There were times that I’d wake up in the night thinking about getting out. Thinking I’m facing Bumrah again tomorrow, he’s getting me out for fun

The Real Test for Australia’s Team

What it appeared to be, and what the end is all about is The Ashes. The Real Test for this Australian Side came in England, which they managed to acquire. The England took all kind of Test a team could face as it was a test of Comeback, a test of Patience, a trial by England Crowd, and obvio the Cricket.

Comeback of Smith & Warner

The Test : A New Era for Australia's Team
Steven Smith and David Warner with the urn after making a Comeback in Tests

The two Australians were making Comeback in Test Matches for the first time after the Tampering Scandal. The two were welcomed by the Trials of Media and England Fans, all out n in stadiums chanting ‘Cheats’. The Australian Team laughed and danced it all, in the Bus Rides having ill effect to the Britishers. Ex-Captain Smith also replied with his bat, getting himself some comfort with One Double Ton, 3 Centuries and 3 Fifties playing Four of Five Tests. He rained runs on whosoever ran from the bowling end. England didn’t try ? No, they tried their best giving mighty blows to Steven Smith.

Jofra Archer bowls a Bouncer to Steven Smith in Lords
Steve Smith was struck on the side of the neck after Jofra Archer’s brisky bounce

The Biggest blow to Steven Smith and a million Australian Fans came with one more Bouncer of Jofra Archer at the Lords. Steven Smith was down, this drama was although going for overs now, Smith enjoyed it all too, but this time it seemed Serious. The Test : A New Era for Australia’s Team actually shows the solemnity of the matter, of a 163 gram stitched leather hitting a Batsmen. The Dressing Room atmosphere was intense, as all had seen the mishap, 5 Years back with their mate Phil Hughes.

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Here’s the Clip from The Lords Test

The Ashes is Retained

It seemed to be a classic example of any Movie, as the Australian Team retains the urn. After all those Nightmares for two Years, Justin Langer nonetheless managed to get the Ashes in Australia’s cupboard. It all ended well as Australia wanted it to be, The dream which Langer and boys saw for 2 years was live now. The Kangaroos all the way from inclusion of Justin Langer wanted to win the Ashes, which actually they didn’t manage to get, but won the doctrinal battle. The Australians have also retained the Respect now in World Cricket, with comparatively no sledge compared to the team a decade ago. One can also say that the Capetown incident has turned the ways round for the men in yellow. The Test will further help in rebuilding trust in Cricket, especially Cricket Australia. The Test takes us into the dressing rooms of Cricket, we get to feel the it all, All Thanks to Adrian Brown

The Ashes is retained by Australia in England
Job Done. Legends!!!

The Test : A New Era for Australia’s Team – Official Trailer

The Eight Episode long The Test is Directed by Adrian Brown is available on the Amazon Prime Video. The IMDB Ratings of the show is 9.2, quite impressive. The Cinematography seems to be impeccable as it’s all in Real Time, with no Cuts. The Show also gets it’s work done in Visual Sector as it bags right of Showing all the Matches too in it. The Cast as narrators include Justin Langer, Tim Paine, Usman Khawaja, Nathan Lyon, Steven Smith, David Warner and many Australian Cricketers. Ricky Ponting, Brad Haddin, Harsha Bhogle & a few Journalist also feature in the Show.

Amazon Prime Video’s The Test : A New Era for Australia’s Team is a highly recommended one for not only every Cricket Fan but also those not, as it eventually asks one to love Cricket and it’s fraternity. The Test shows us the back end tasks team which helps to create a atmosphere for us to Judge Individual or even Team’s Performance.

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