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‘Cricket Keeda Sports’ is the world’s largest and fastest growing Cricket community and website delivering cricket news, info, analysis and sporting joy to millions of people around the globe every single day. We provide the most engaging content with daily updates, news, analysis, interviews, videos, live chat shows etc. to our most dedicated and influential cricket fans from around the world, all 35 Million of them.

Our website, mobile apps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and numerous more online platforms are all part of our cross-platform community. Our website alone receives 10 million page views a month on average. Our dedication to provide high-caliber and innovative material, in-depth analysis, and engaging fan, sports journalist, and cricket expert sessions guarantees that the community expands and the reach increases daily. Most importantly, we give the fans a voice and enable them to get closer to their favorite athletes. We have been given the unique responsibility to administer more than 70 athletes on the internet, including Indian cricketers and sports figures. In order to develop and spread relevant and viral campaigns, we also collaborate closely with a variety of businesses and sporting organizations.

‘Cricket Keeda Sports’ is your go-to source for all things Cricket.


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