Anil Chaudhary International Umpire

Amidst the Corona Virus Threat, Anil Chaudhary is trying his farming skills, while he talks to Cricket Keeda. Anil has officiated in a total of 47 International Games, and is currently in Dangrol, a village in Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh. He is now here for around 18 days, with his sons Akshat & Aryan, away from the lights of City. He sometimes find it difficult to connect to Internet Connection, application need to buffer for minutes before Anil could surf them. Anil Chaudhary also tries to encourage people at his village for maintaining hygiene and Social Distancing. He has been trying hands in the farms of Wheat, at his Village home. 

Anil Chaudhary tries out with farming during Corona Virus
The International Umpire with his two sons Akshat and Aryan, and a nephew

How is the Life at Dangrol ?

The Village life feels slow & peaceful, it’s noiseless and lets you interpret yourself. I get up at 6 AM, and work in the  farms for couple of hours with my Cousins. I generally don’t do physical one, but help them by ploughing the field on sitting on the Tractor. I get up here with the chirping sound of Birds, and here we also get to see the Peacocks early Morning. The Life is slow over here, it almost takes 5 Minutes of buffering before one could surf anything on Internet. I take my dinner early at 7 PM, after which drink milk with Jaggery, before I got to bed early in night.

Anil Chaudhary tries out farming amidst the Corona Virus
Anil walks with his son in the Sugarcane Farm

How’s the Slow life at Village different that from the City’s Life?

It’s quiet different. People here love one by his virtues, his family not by profession or work. The Air Quality is so pure over here that If I could walk 2 Kilometers in the City, I could walk here for 10 KMs, just cause of Air. There’s nothing adulterated here, everything is pure whether it’s milk or grains. I generally love to drink milk, and the purity of it here asks me to drink it more. The life in Cities is physically more disturbing. People in Cities recognize me because of the work wherever I am, but here they do so because of my Virtue.

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Anil Chaudhary with other Villagers
Anil sits with other Villagers to discuss out some measures about the Corona Virus Threat.

BCCI has done the right job or not?

The Officials at BCCI are very sensible, they have always taken the right decision and did the same this time. Corona Virus is dangerous and so BCCI is very sensitive about the Issue. Postponing the IPL is a great decision because the safety of Public comes first for the Officials at BCCI. They postponed the India-South Africa Series, where I was also present, and I came here in Shamli with my sons after that.

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Anil Chaudhary’s Advice to us

I would like to thank our great Prime Minister who has taken the bold step forward for all of us, which all other countries failed to took. I would like all the people out there to follow the guidelines, as prime minister, chief ministers, government officials, health workers, media and other essential workers are are out of their houses for for us. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart would like to to ask you to do the same.

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How are you Maintaining Fitness ?

The people here are more fit then many of us (he says with a laughter on his face ), they give a tough competition to me. I run with many boys here, they run faster than me. I use the skipping Ropes as well to keep my fitness up. Little bit of working in farm also helps me in doing my fitness work.

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This was an exclusive Interview of Anil Chaudhary amidst the Corona Virus threat to Cricket Keeda, who has been trying to learn some farming skills as well.


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