The Mumbai Indians qualifications chances currently seem really hard. However, they are the most successful IPL team of all time. They have won as many as 5 titles. No other team has won as many matches as they have. As a matter, they are the defending champions as well. Watching the Mumbai Indians qualification chances look so slim is disheartening as a cricket lover. Their fans find it even more harder as they’re not used to see their beloved Mumbai Indians qualifications chances look so uncertain. However, having said that, MI can still qualify for the playoffs.

Too much expectations from Mumbai Indians?

Yes, you heard that right. If a few results go their way and if they win their remaining fixtures then the Mumbai Indians qualification chances cam look high. However, what is their qualification scenario? What do Rohit and co. Need to to in order to get to the playoffs. Mumbai Indians qualification chances are possible if they do the necessary things which we will be mentioning in this article. Today we shall be taking a look at How Mumbai Indians can qualify for the playoffs in IPL-2021?

Mumbai Indians Qualification Chances
MI were the team to beat in the previous edition of IPL

What are best possible scenarios for the Mumbai Indians Qualification into the playoffs?

MI currently are placed seventh on the points table. They only have got to 10 points as of now and need to get to 14 points if they are to make it to the playoffs. The Mumbai Indians qualification firstly depends on them winning their remaining two matches.

Earlier, they had a really difficult competition from Kolkata Knight Riders and their negative run rate was beginning to haunt them. With the loss for KKR against PBKS yesterday, Mumbai Indians cannot afford to lose another game as not only can they not recover in time with their poor net run rate, but they then can’t even get to 14 points.

Mumbai Indians qualification depends on the fact that they not only they win the other two games very comprehensively but also win them by a big margin. Mumbai Indian’s net run rate is the one of the lowest in the season and only SRH are behind them. They will be hoping that KKR loses at least one of their remaining fixtured which will make it a little easier for the Rohit Sharma’s men.

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The Rohit Sharma-led side will then face a stiff challenge from the Rajasthan Royals side who looked very prolific against the Chennai Super Kings last night. Mumbai Indians qualification will also be dependent on how Sunrisers Hyderabad fare as the “Orange Army” need to win atleast one out of their last two matches to help MI qualify for the playoffs.

Mumbai Indians Qualification Chances
MI have been put down by some poor batting performances from the middle order

The Mumbai Indians qualification scenario will then come down to the final match between them and SRH if MI are to beat the Royals in their next match. As mentioned earlier, they need to beat them in a comprehensive fashion and ensure that they boost their net run rate. Another obstacle for them is Punjab Kings. If KL Rahul’s boys do manage to win their last two fixtures then there is going to be lot of issues for the Mumbai Indians. However, logically and realistically speaking it is the Kolkata Knight Riders who stand between the Mumbai Indians qualification chances and them getting out of the tournament.

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Kolkata Knight Riders has the best Net Run Rate among all contenders of IPL Playoffs 4th spot. Even if MI wins both matches they can’t qualify as KKR can sneak through with better NRR. However, having said this one must remember that the Mumbai Indians qualification scenarios have looked harder for them in a lot of seasons and they now how to win matches under pressure. Thus, one shouldn’t be surprised if they do manage to qualify for the playoffs this time around as well.

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