Over the years, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen a lot of fights. The IPL on-field Alceration has been a talking point over the years. They have not only managed to grab the headline but have also managed to create a kind of unrest between players. Cricket is a gentleman’s game and no one likes to see two players fight. However, sometimes the passion and emotions get the better of players and thus, we see IPL on-field Alceration between players. These battles turn into rifts and remain ugly splats in this rich cash league.

So! Today we shall be taking a look at the 5 Biggest IPL On-Alceration and fights in the history of the league.

1) Sreesanth vs Harbhajan Singh:

Bhaji was seemingly angry for some reason

This The IPL on-field Alceration took place during the first edition of the IPL. It was one of the most talking points of that season. So much so that people talk about this The IPL on-field Alceration even to this very date. Sreesanth was representing the Kings XI Punjab (Now Punjab Kings) and Harbhajan Singh was representing the Mumbai Indians (MI). MI weren’t really having a good season and Bhaji was the captain owing to their regular skipper Tendulkar’s injury.

Despite there being no video of it, Bhaji had apparently slapped Sreesanth after the completion of the match and Sreesanth was seen crying. After more than a decade, the former Indian pacer opened up on that IPL on-field Alceration in a big boss task. “The Mumbai Indians did not start the season well under Harbhajan’s captaincy. With that, the Mumbai fans hoped that they would win the match against us that day. Also, Harbhajan is under more pressure as he plays that match in his home ground Chandigarh. Bhajji and me playing for India together, but I am constantly having fun with him”.

“Even that day when Harbhajan came to bat, I was annoyed with him. With this, Harbhajan could not control his anger when we faced each other after the match. He did not slap me, though, but he beat me with his fists on my face from the backside of his hand. I was shocked and could not believe that Bhajji would do that”, Sreesanth said.

2) Gautam Gambhir vs Virat Kohli:


IPL 2013 KKR vs RCB

It is often said that people from Delhi are more hot headed and thus, one shouldn’t mess with them. However, what happens when two people from Delhi come face to face during a fight? All hell broke lose when Gambhir and Kohli had an IPL on-field Alceration way back in 2013. Ironically both of them have been teammates for a really long time and Gambhir had even given Kohli his player of the match award when the latter was in his early days a cricketer.

However, this IPL on-field Alceration changed things. Kohli after getting out, was seemingly a little impatient with the bowler, who took his wicket as he walked towards the KKR team rather than the pavilion. After seeing his team bowler abused by Kohli, KKR captain Gautam Gambhir angrily execrated Virat Kohli. Both have come across with complete aggression, and it looks like they were going to fight with each other. But Rajit Bhatia noticed this and separated the two without clashing. The umpires and the rest of the players then pulled them back and calmed the situation. Thus, this remains to be one of the most popular IPL on-field Alceration.

3) Mitchell Starc vs Kieron Pollard:

IPL on-field alceration
Pollard almost hit Starc with the bat

This was one of the most heated IPL on-field Alceration. Starc was bowling to Played and Pollard all of a sudden backed out. Apparently, he still wasn’t ready. However as Starc was already through his runup and delivered the ball near Pollard’s legs. This angered him and he threw his bat towards Starc. It was rather fortunate that the bat slipped from Pollard’s hands otherwise it could have well and try hit Starc.

The fact that both of them were involved in a sliding incident a few overs earlier didn’t help the cause either. The fans, alongside the players, were shocked to see the incident. However, the umpire and Chris Gayle approached Pollard and cooled him. With this, the fight subsided. However, the match referee decided to deduct 75 percent of the match fee from Pollard and 50 percent from Starc for behaving adversely to the IPL code on the field.

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4) Ambati Rayudu vs Harbhajan Singh:

IPL on-field alceration
Bhaji had abused Rayudu during the match

Harbhajan Singh finds his name again in this list. This IPL on-field Alceration however was between two teammates itself. Unfortunate both of them are short tempered and thus, the matter aggrevated. Rayudu misfielded a ball which went for a four only for the bowler Harbhajan to abuse him. Rayudu didn’t like it and showed hia frustration on him. However, the senior player Bhaji went to curb things down only for the batter to angrily walk away angrily.

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5) Munaf Patel vs Amit Mishra:

IPL on-field alceration
The fight between the two “Calm-Giants”

This IPL on-field Alceration was relatively shocking as it contained two players who are generally always calm on the field. It was in 2011 when the two Indian bowlers engaged themselves in a fight. After smashing Pastel for a few boundaries, Mishra was looking good with the bat and this didn’t sit well with the pacer. A few words were exchanged only for the umpires to intervene to separate the two players.

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