Remember that scene in Furious 7 were Vin Diesel told Jason Statham that “You thought this was gonna be a street fight? You’re goddam right!”?….Well we haven’t really seen cricketers involve themselves in a street fight but we have surely seen them turning the cricket field into a battle field and almost….almost starting a street fight. Cricket might be a gentleman’s game but we’ve seen many occasions where cricketers start to argue and fight with one another. This happens quite often on the field. Today we shall be taking a look at 5 instances where cricket grounds look liked a battle field.

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Here are the incidents

1) Venkatesh Prasad:

Venkatesh Prasad couldn’t quite control his emotions after dismissing Aamir Sohail in 1996 World Cup clash


The infamous incident of Venkatesh Prasad and Amir Sohail is an incident which is remembered even today. He was needlessly taunted by Pakistan opener Aamir Sohail who, after crashing a boundary off Prasad, pointed his bat and fingers at the bowler and gestured that he would hit him there again. In the very next ball, an angered Prasad managed to uproot Sohail’s off stump. The pumped-up send-off Prasad gave Sohail after dismissing him remains one of the standout moments of India vs Pakistan clashes.

2) MS Dhoni:

MSD and Kuldeep shared the unique bond when it comes to Cricket Field


Dhoni is generally termed as the “Captain Cool” of cricket. He is one of the most chilled out cricketers you’d ever see. However, he too once lost his calm, it was due to his teammate Kuldeep Yadav. Dhoni scolded Kuldeep for refusing to change the field. “Me pagal hu? 300 one-day khela hu, aur samjha raha hu yahan pe. (Am I stupid? I have played 300 ODIs and you are not listening to me).” Is what the Indian wicketkeeper said.

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3) Sachin Tendulkar:


Tendulkar was on a different level in 1998

Tendulkar is arguably one of the most coolest cricketer you could ever see. His composure is praised by one and all. the usually calm Sachin Tendulkar once gave his piece of mind to VVS Laxman. The rare incident occurred during Tendulkar’s legendary ‘desert storm’ innings against Australia in Sharjah in 1998. I remember that a couple of times by emotions came out and I ended up shouting at Laxman ‘Run two, it’s my call why aren’t you running? I received a scolding from my brother as soon as I reached home. He told me ‘these sort of things shouldn’t happen in the ground. He’s your teammate, he’s also playing for the team. It’s not your match alone; he’s also playing with you. I got a bit of hiding at home.” Said Tendulkar in an interview while recalling the incident

4) Mitchell Starc:

Starc has often lost his cool on the field

Starc once lost his calm against the Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir. While Amir was batting at 48, he and Starc shared a few words and Starc seemingly got angry. The then Aussie bowling coach David Saker said that The standing umpire spoke with Starc, who appeared to respond “he just swore, I didn’t swear”. Saker made light of the flare-up, poking fun at Amir’s antics on day one. “I don’t know (what they were talking about). It might have had something to do with his knee injury on the first day,” Saker said

5) Michael Clarke:

How often you see Clarke using such words?


This was an incident which would go down in the history books as one of the most “Unforgettable fights ever”. Australia was on brink of wrapping up the match when England’s James Anderson came to bat. He and Bailey shared a few words. The Aussie skipper Clarke didn’t like it and went to Anderson and said “Get ready for a broken f***** arm”. Australia then went on to win the match. However, Clarke was fined for his feud with Anderson.

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