The Indian Premier League (IPL) is unarguably the biggest T20 league in the world. Foreign Players presence make it looks more Eye-catchy and worthy enough to spend penny on it.

Every season, we see new superstars make their IPL debut and try to either make their name or enhance it even more. Many of these superstars also happen to be Foreign Players. These Foreign Players further improve the reputation of the Indian T20 league as the whole world sees world class players playing this league. One of the biggest motivation for these Foreign Players are the money.

The value of Foreign Players is higher as compared to Indians in IPL

As the better the performance the higher and bigger the contract, you would see Foreign Players playing better and sometimes even adding more value as compared to the Indian players. However, over the last few years we have seen a degrade when it comes to the performances of these Foreign Players. Despite the fact that they are world class stars, they tend to struggle in the IPL and have found it difficult to get going. What could be the reason for this? Are these Foreign Players taking to casual while playing got their IPL sides? Are Foreign International stars too casual while playing for their franchise in IPL?


Foreign Players in IPL
Malinga winning MI the title

Are Foreign Players lacking the consistency?

Let’s take a look at it today and dig deeper to ponder towards this question. Over the years, the Foreign Players have lit up the IPL. Be it the West Indians, the Aussies, the Brits or even the Proteas stats. We have had Foreign Players succeed from almost every cricket playing nation. However since 2020, they have been lukewarm to say the least. Be it the likes of legends such as David Warner and Steve Smith or even Shimron Hetmyer and Nicholas Pooran for that matter of fact. None of them have been that consistent or at least, haven’t lived up to their own standards.

Well one can’t really say that they aren’t talking IPL too seriously as a lot of money is at stake for them as well. If they do not perform for their franchises then but obvious their IPL contracts and IPL cost would reduce, thus, ending in a loss for them. The feat of going unsold is there as well. When an overseas star has a bad season, he is released by his franchise and goes under the hammer. None of the Foreign Players would love to see that as not only is their reputation at stake big also their contract.

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Thus, they cannot just take it casually. Another fine example would be that of the Universe Boss Chris Gayle. He use to win the Oranges Cap for fun during the early 2010’s. However what has happened to him now?

Foreign Players in IPL
Chris Gayle played miserable in the last few years

Is he taking the IPL for granted? Definitely not! He has still been able to continue in patches and has been decent. The issue with world class players are the high standards set. Just because they are a place shadow of themselves doesn’t make them careless about the IPL. Due to their high standards, even a mediocre performance isn’t rated really highly by his fans as well as the fans of the team he plays for. As a matter of fact, the Foreign Players are still in demand.

The limit of fielding only four Foreign Players in the XI during an IPL game is likely to be altered and as per InsideSport, some of the franchises have been batting for the rule change. “Some of the franchises have been requesting from the last couple of editions to increase the number of foreigners in the playing11. BCCI is yet to have a serious discussion on the same. Once again request in this regard has been made by some franchises, we will take this up at appropriate forum”, a BCCI official told InsideSport.

Thus, to answer the final question, no Foreign International stars aren’t too casual while playing for their franchise in IPL but the lack of match practice owing to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as their high standard are what makes their game detonate to an extent. Foreign Players are, will and would remain to be an integral part of the IPL.

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By Arvind Krishnan

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