The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest T20 League in the world. The history of the IPL is so legendary that It has managed to grab the attention of billion fans across the globe. The history of the IPL has witnessed several iconic moments. These iconic moments have directly or indirectly impacted international cricket as well. The history of the IPL has also given us several young and talented stars. These young and talented stars have gone on to become about legends of the game.

A franchise deserves a lot of credit for that. An IPL franchise develops a player and in return, the player does good for that team. In the history of the IPL, several team have been successful with or without that method. However, there have been a few teams which have underperformed in the Indian T20 league as well. So which are those teams who haven’t lived up to their expectations? Today we shall be taking a look at the most unsuccessful franchise in the history of the IPL?

So here’s our 3 most unsuccessful team in the history of the IPL

1) Punjab Kings:

Punjab Kings History of the IPL

Punjab Kings are undoubtedly the most underperforming team in the history of the IPL. Despite all the legendary and world class players having played for them, they are still without a trophy. Initially known as the Kings XI Punjab, they have had more than 10 captains in just 14 seasons! This shows that they haven’t really settled just yet. Also, they regularly change their coaches and management staff. So far, they have won 94 wins with a win percentage of just 44.61. KL Rahul currently leads them and their coach is Anil Kumble. They are yet to win their maiden title.

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2) Delhi Capitals (formerly known as Delhi Daredevil):

DC History of the IPL

Although they have been one of the best teams of late, their history suggests otherwise. Initially known as the Delhi Daredevils, they were once upon a time one of the worst sides in the history of the IPL. They have made it to the finals just once in 2020. However, ever since they changed their name from Delhi Daredevils to Delhi Capitals, there has been a huge change in their fortunes. Speaking about the overall numbers, DC have won 93 games and have a winning percentage of 44.71. They are yet to win a title as of now.

3) Royal Challengers Bangalore:

RCB History of the IPL

Despite being one of the most decorated franchises in the history of the IPL, the Royal Challengers Bangalore have disappointed more often than not. They have a had a loyal fanbase but could still never repay the faith shown by their fans it gets sadder when you realize that they have has one of the most balanced sides over a few seasons.

As a matter of fact, most of the greatest players of this era have played for RCB. Speaking about their overall numbers, RCB have won 97 games with a winning percentage of 46.19. They’ve been searching for their maiden IPL title since the inception.

“Can RCB Win IPL?” Is one of the most trending topics on Social Media every IPL Season. The world always believes that the best batsman of the current generation Virat Kohli should be the part of the an IPL Victory. Not only Virat Kohli but also AB De Villers factor makes the most expected team to lift the cup.



That’s all for this edition, hope you guys lived and enjoyed. Keep loving us! 

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Edited By : Devansh Awasthi

By Arvind Krishnan

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