Match fixing has always been the biggest threat to the lovely sport known as cricket. Fixing has always brought the game to disrupt. This is why match fixing has always been considered as the biggest crime no matter what the circumstances are, irrespective of who does it, he or she is always punished. Fixing plays with the emotions of cricket fans and makes a mockery of this wondering sport. There have been a lot of fixing allegations on the biggest T20 league in the world, i.e. the Indian Premiere League(IPL). Many people cannot digest the fact that IPL is what it is today, they think that it is fixed. This article is for those people who say that the IPL is fixed and how BCCI works to stop corruption.


First things first, the BCCI keeps a close watch on all the IPL teams as well as their players. The monitoring each and everything they do, right from where they go from their hotel to their shipping, even their parties! BCCI keeps a close watch on every individual to ensure that no one gets involved in any sort of fixing or betting, legally or illegally. They have made sure that they have enlightened the corruption protocols and ensured that everyone understand and follow those protocols. Besides, Ajit Singh and the anti-corruption unit have been very strict in this case. They have made it a point to eradicate the slightest of slightest fixing opportunities under their watch. Having served the Indian Police Service for close to four decades, Singh is a 1982 Rajasthan IPS officer retired as DGP in 2017. He made sure that no corrupt activities commence under his watch. He is an expert at handling anti-corruption operations, investigative work and field policing. He had headed the anti-corruption bureau for Rajasthan in the past. When the match-fixing incident involving Hansie Cronje, the deceased South African captain occured in 2000, he was the DGP with the Central Bureau of Investigation.


To add to the security, Sportradar has it’s own algorithm to promote fixing and betting. It ensures that no illegal activists take place in any fantasy apps. Fantasy apps like Dream 11, my 11 circle are exposed to such activities and this algorithm ensures that nothing wrong takes place. Thus in this way BCCI ensures that no fixing takes place and IPL is as clean as the heart of each and every cricket fan. Do take a look at our video where we have explained the same

By Arvind Krishnan

Cricket writer, statistician and analyst. An unorthodox media student, marketing runs in his blood. Sports Marketer and analyst.