We are less than a month away from witnessing the first World Test Championship (WTC) final. New Zealand and India are the finalist and both the teams are all set to lock horns against each other. As this is the inaugural WTC, we can always see the format change. Various ICC tournaments in the past have witnessed a change in their format as the ICC tends to experiment the style of conducting a tournament in the inaugural years, only for them to get to a better format. While the 2019-21 WTC final will be in the form of a single Test, there is a huge possibility of it changing in the near future. Thus, today we shall be taking a look at 3 different formats in which the WTC can be played:

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1) A Test Series for The WTC Finalists:

A still from Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2021


How often have we heard about teams having a bad day on the field? Imagine having a superb tournament, winning almost all the matches and reaching the finals only to have a bad day and lose the match? That would be really harsh on the team that has done so well in the group stages of the tournament. The ideal way to get a deserving winner is if we arrange atleast 3-4 Test matches between the two finalists. ODI and T20I tournaments do have the knockout stages but Tests? Just have a final. Thus, The organizers could look at holding the WTC final as a 3-match Test series.

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2) Knockouts:

New Zealand one their only ICC Trophy in ICC Knockout Trophy 2000


Knockouts are the most important matches played in cricket. Knockout stages exist in ODI and T20I World Cups, so why not Tests? Even the WTC can have knockouts where the top 4 teams battle it out in the form of a semis. Then, the two finalists can play the WTC final and the winner in the final would be crowned as the winners. Another alternative could be employing a playoff system similar to the one existing in the Indian Premiere League(IPL). This would ensure that the top-ranked sides do not miss out on the final due to one bad game.

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3) A Test World Cup:

A World Cup Trophy always have its own glory


How about going back to the traditional way? Instead of having an entire WTC cycle, how about just having 2 groups and conducting a proper World Cup? We could have the top six side form two groups each. Post that we could either have a semis between four sides or a direct final.


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By Arvind Krishnan

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