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‘A Cricket Fan’

So today I will be talking about us! Yes you read that right. Here ‘us’ as in a ‘Die-Hard Cricket Fan’. A Cricket fan is defined as an individual entity who supports his favorite specific team in such a way that he involves his emotion with the entertainment factor to celebrate the Gentleman’s Game i.e. Cricket. On the darker side he/she is the one faces that brief if the team he supports ends on a wronger side.

Who is a True Cricket Fan?

A True Cricket Fan is defined as an indivdual entity who supports his favorite team with same ‘zeal’ in each and over match irrespective of his/her team wins or looses. Moreover, he/she puts the game over and above his favourite team. They are the once responsible for the promotion of the Game.

Cricket Fan
Cricket Fans in stadium, comes as a huge boost for both Cricketers and the Cricket Board

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How is a Cricket Fan responsible for uplifting the revenue of the game?

Well, speaking about the revenue of the game that is most important aspect of any sport in the world, its the Cricket Fan who is the whole and sole reason for raising the revenue. Assume a Cricket Match that no ones comes to watch, then what? Then there will be nothing to earn for the Game Operations.

An average revenue generated from an International Cricket Match in India is approximately between INR 7 -10 Crores. Same can be expected in other Cricket Loving nations as well. In fact in England, County Cricket also see the huge spectators  base. However, due to COVID situation the matches are either played with closed doors or limited capacity. On a brighter side, with maximum vaccination done, one can expect that the Cricket Match can be progressed with at least 50% of the seating capacity, making it INR 5 Crores only from the Ticket Sales.

Cricket Fan
Cricket Fans have been the heartbeat of the Game with Time                                                                                                                                

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Additonaly on the other hand Cricket Fan also becomes the part of the Cricket family while staying at home as well. Nowadays, with the advancement of Broadcasting and Adverstising. Every industry is dying to invest in advertising in every Cricket Match because a ‘Cricket Fan’ belongs from all sorts and types of genie. Be it young, middle-age or elderly people. Be it Businessman, A Government Employee or a Corporate Sector Employee or be it a Student. Henceforth, it can easily be determined that ‘A cricket fan’ belongs from every phase of a human life-cycle.

What is the future of a Cricket Fan?

Cricket Fans on TV

The virtual Experience during a Cricket Match is on a boom with the evolution of Technology and Fan-Engagement Programs

Cricket Fans on TV Sad reactionCricket Fans on TV in IPLWith the evolution of technology, fan experiences have been the area of Intrest for the broadcasting companies. Like in IPL the home based fans also get the oppertunity to present themselves on the Small Screen. Also, it can be expected by 2025 that the LIVE Match Experiences can also be enjoyed so that one can enjoy the experience of enjoying the Cricket Match lie he is watching from the mid-of the Pitch also called as  ‘virtual’ in-stadia experience. This will bring more into the game and so the reveune will.


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