The sudden retirement of Indian Hockey Players have surely raised some eyebrows of the Sports Fans in India. Hockey is India’s national sport for a very good reason. Irrespective of it getting the limelight or no, the fans always love and adore each and every Indian Hockey Player. An Indian Hockey player goes through a lot of struggle in order to represent his nation. Even after that, an Indian Hockey Player needs to be at his absolute best in order to get his or her well deserved recognition. However, of late we have seem several Indian Hockey Players announcing their retirement from the sport.

It has come as a shock as the absolute suddenness hasn’t say well with the fans. Recently, Drag-flicker Rupinder Pal Singh, who played a starring role in the Indian hockey team’s historic bronze-winning Tokyo Olympics campaign, on Thursday announced his international retirement with immediate effect “to make way for youngsters”. So what is the reason for an Indian Hockey player retiring? Why are so many Indian Hockey players retiring? Today we shall be taking a look at Why are Indian Hockey Players announcing Retirements suddenly?

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1) To Give Youngsters a Chance:

Indian Hockey Players
Indian Hockey Players

One of the most straightforward answer to this would he the fact that senior players would like to see youngsters getting a chance. Why stop a talented Indian Hockey Player from getting a chance? Even Rupindar Pal Singh in his statement said the same ” I think it’s time for me to make room for talented young players to experience all the joy I have felt over the past 13 years of representing India. I have had the honor of wearing the India jersey in 223 matches and each of those matches is special because I have had the privilege of playing for this great sport loving nation, ”he wrote.

Besides, why wouldn’t an Indian Hockey Player want a youngster to gel well in the team and get prepare for the big events such as thr Olympics and Commonwealth Bank games.

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2) Fatigue:

Hockey is one of the mist difficult sports there is. An Indian Hockey Player has to be at his fittest in order to meet the standards. It gets hard for them to continuously remain fit even at an age where their body isn’t as swift as it was. Thus, you would see Indian Hockey Player announcing his retirement when he feels the time is ripe.

3) Leaving on a high:

Indian Hockey Players
Rupinder retires on a high

It is better to go when people are asking “Why” not “When”. India did well in the Olympics and thus the legendary Indian Hockey Player would want to retire in style. Retiring on a high note is a dream which is an ideal end to an absolute fairytale story for Indian Hockey Player.

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By Arvind Krishnan

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