Jasprit Bumrah, one of the most talented fast bowlers in the world, made a significant impact on June 5 at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium during the eighth match of the T20 World Cup 2024. Bumrah’s exceptional skills were on full display as he dismantled Ireland’s batting lineup, claiming his second wicket and leaving the opposition reeling.

The game-changing delivery came in the 15th over, when Bumrah dismissed Irish batsman Joshua Little, who had scored 14 runs off 13 balls. The delivery was a searing yorker clocked at an impressive 145 kmph, aimed straight at the stumps.


Little attempted to dig out the ball, but it was too late, and the ball crashed into the base of the middle stump, ending a frustrating partnership for India.

WATCH: Bumrah yorker delivery send back Irish Josh Little

Jasprit’s wicket was a crucial turning point in the match, as it restricted Ireland’s scoring rate and allowed India’s relentless bowling attack to take control. The Indian bowlers soon had Ireland struggling, restricting them to just 96 runs and securing all ten wickets.

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Bumrah’s performance was a testament to his skill and expertise as a bowler. His ability to consistently bowl at high speeds and precision has made him a nightmare for opposing batsmen. His game-changing delivery in the 15th over was a perfect example of his skill and experience.


India’s dominance in the match was a result of their collective effort, with Jasprit playing a key role. His ability to pick up wickets and restrict the opposition’s scoring rate has been a key factor in India’s success in the tournament. With Jasprit leading the way, India is confident of making a deep run in the tournament.


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