Indian cricketer Hanuma Vihari has finally received a no objection certificate (NOC) from the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA) after a prolonged dispute between the two parties. The development comes as a relief to the Test cricketer, who had been seeking the NOC for the past two months.

The controversy began in March when the ACA served a show-cause notice to Hanuma Vihari after he accused the governing body of unceremoniously removing him from captaincy. The cricketer responded by vowing not to play for the state again, citing unfair treatment. The matter had been dragging on since then, with Vihari repeatedly seeking the NOC from the ACA.

Hanuma Vihari

In a social media post, Hanuma Vihari revealed that he had been asking for the NOC for two months but only received it on Monday. The ACA secretary, Gopinath Reddy, issued the NOC stating that

“Andhra Cricket Association has no objection for Hanuma Vihari to represent any other association affiliated to the Board of Control for Cricket in India as a player from the 2024-25 season onwards”.

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Hanuma Vihari can now represent other states in domestic :-

The development is significant for Hanuma Vihari, who can now represent other states in domestic cricket. The cricketer last played for India in 2022, featuring in 16 Tests. With his NOC in place, Haunma Vihari can now look forward to playing for another state and potentially representing India in international cricket again.


It’s worth noting that Vihari’s comment on social media hinted that the sudden turn of events may be linked to the recent state election results in Andhra Pradesh. His statement read:

“I have been asking for NOC for two months, mailed them four times. Didn’t give my NOC. Now things have turned, they have issued my NOC immediately.”

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