Cricket Scotland is thrilled to announce its first-ever bilateral men’s T20I series against Australia, scheduled to take place in September at The Grange in Edinburgh. The series, consisting of three matches, will be played from September 4 to 7, making it a significant milestone for Scottish cricket.

This tour marks Australia’s first visit to Scotland in 11 years, and it comes ahead of their five ODIs against England. The matches will be played before the first ODI against England at Trent Bridge on September 19. The announcement has generated excitement among cricket fans in Scotland, with many eager to witness the world’s top teams in action.

The series is a testament to the growing partnership between Cricket Australia and Cricket Scotland. The latter’s CEO, Trudy Lindblade, expressed her gratitude for the support of Cricket Australia’s chief executive, Nick Hockley, and his team, which made it possible to bring the Australian team to Scotland.

Cricket Scotland

The upcoming series will provide Cricket Scotland with an opportunity to showcase their cricketing skills against a top-ranked team. The Scots have faced Australia only five times previously, with all matches being ODIs, and are looking forward to giving their best performance.


The tour is also significant for Cricket Scotland¬†as it comes at a time when the organization is dealing with the fallout of reports finding them guilty of institutional racism and sexism. The series will provide a chance for the board to showcase the country’s cricketing infrastructure and hospitality.

Cricket Scotland has shown hard work to host a nation:

Cricket Scotland has worked hard to develop its cricket infrastructure, and this tour will demonstrate the country’s ability to host high-quality international cricket events. The CEO believes that the tour will not only showcase the on-field performances of the teams but also highlight the country’s potential as a cricket destination.

The historic series promises to be an exciting event for cricket fans in Scotland, and fans are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to watch their national team take on one of the world’s top teams.

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With Richie Berrington, Scotland’s current captain, being the sole surviving player from the 2013 ODI match between the two teams, this series will be a chance for him to lead his team against a strong opponent.


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