180 Not Out Podcast Series Mohammad Kaif on MS Dhoni

Delhi [India], June 3: Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif lavished praises on MS Dhoni for using the technology in an efficient manner to bring out the most from the innovations happening around cricket.

Kaif, who played 125 ODIs and 13 Test matches for India, spoke about the game awareness of former Indian skipper MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. Kaif while speaking about the impact of technology in decision-making shared his insights in Episode 7 of the podcast series “180 Not Out.

Mohammad Kaif lavishes praise on MS Dhoni

“MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma have found the balance in terms of using technology and common sense in the game. Jo game me situations aati hain ya haalat aate hain, wo computer aapko nahi bata payega. Kitni bhi meeting kar lo aap lekin match ke din dabav me common sense ka hi istemaal hota hai. Wo aapki zehni taakat hai, kuwwat hai, jahan aap istemaal karte ho. Dhoni sahab se bada example koi nahi hoga,” Kaif Raman Raheja, a Sports Fan, Sports-preneur, Media professional and a Creator who put together this Podcast “180 Not Out”.

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni is probably the greatest ever Cricketing Brain ever to play the game

Kaif also elaborated on Dhoni’s leadership and decision-making skills, particularly under pressure

“MS Dhoni as a leader, unka computer chhodo … last over ke last ball me gendbaaz dabaav me hota hai. He has seen the game differently. Instinct hai, gut feeling hai, tajurba hai, sab kuch hai. Unhone sab kuch try kar ke dekh liya. Aapko lagta hai na ki is ball me chakka maarna hai, dhoni bolenge ki ek ball aur delay kar lo shayad he bowls a bad ball.”

“Mai wait karta hu fine leg pe chauka mil jayega, kuch mil jayega. Haan agar us ball pe run nahi aaya fir agli ball pe aap jo bade shot ki baat kar rahe ho, wo aise player hain, wo commit honge ki haan chakka maarna hi hai. Par wo jo .. jab wo moment aata hai ki chakka maarne wali ball hai tab wo kehte hain ki mai wait karunga. Ye MSD, Rohit Sharma, gut feeling bahut kaam karti hai, dono me bahut similairities hain,” Kaif further added.

However, former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen wasn’t clearly in favour of using the technology to asses the game. He said being a “free-spirited” guy, not getting too technical is what works for him.

“I actually think it gives players the opportunity that if they are of that mindset who want to tap into technology, then they can. I am not of that mindset, I am not that guy. I am not that tech guy who wants to just go out there and think.. OK the ball is spinning that much and I need to do this. I am a free-spirited guy,” said Pietersen

“I walk out to bat this evening, and I just go ‘ok what’s this wicket like?’ hit a couple of balls and if it’s there, it can go, I am feeling good. I’m not getting too technical about it, how I’m holding my bat, how I’m doing… you guys all know that I love my golf. There, you can be technical because you have to be technical. It’s a ball that’s standing still by itself and you have to make it play. Here, there are so many variations,” he added.

The podcast series by Sports-preneur Raman Raheja was also graced by former South African batter Hashim Amla. The star batter termed technology as a double-edged sword.

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“It’s a double edged sword, it’s easy and it’s more difficult at the same time. Depending if you can manage and stay focused on the actual art of cricket: batting, bowling, fielding. Then it can become useful. There’s an old saying, paralysis through analysis,” said Amla.

“If you do too much of it, it can get bogged down on your mind, this technique-that technique and you can forget watching the ball. When we had started there was quite a bit of analysis, and I remember it scrutinized every single technical aspect of yours. Probably it’s still the same now,” he added.

The groundbreaking podcast series by Sports-preneur Raman Raheja is diving deep into the rich 180-year history of cricket, tracing its evolution from its colonial origins to its current stature as a global phenomenon.

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In subsequent episodes, the “180 Not Out” podcast will cover a diverse range of topics including the sport’s impact on players, leagues, controversies, commercialization, challenges, coaching, fitness, demographics, formats, records, and future prospects.

Shot at the backdrop of Legends League Cricket (LLC), hosted by Raman Raheja, it is perhaps going to be the biggest Cricket Podcast featuring 60+ Legends in a single season.

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