The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has expressed its concerns over the long commute to the Nassau County International Stadium in New York, where the team is set to play its group games in the upcoming T20 World Cup. The PCB chairman, Mohsin Naqvi, intervened in the matter and managed to get the team relocated to a new hotel that is just a five-minute drive from the stadium.

The Pakistan team was initially staying at a hotel that was 90 minutes away from the stadium, which raised concerns about the team’s fatigue and well-being before and after their matches. The PCB source spoke on condition of anonymity, stating that the team’s relocation was a major relief for the players.


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Pakistan is scheduled to play its group games against arch-rivals India on Sunday and Canada on June 11 at the same venue. The Indian cricket team, which is also playing its group games in New York, is staying in a hotel that is just 10 minutes from the ground.

India won its first match at the Nassau County International Stadium on Wednesday, and it appears that their convenient accommodation has given them an edge.

Sri Lanka, another team participating in the tournament, has also expressed concern over its team’s long drive to the ground after being allocated a hotel that is more than an hour’s drive from the venue. This has raised questions about the logistics and planning of the tournament.


The Pakistan Cricket Board’s prompt action in addressing the concerns of its team has sent a positive message. The board’s willingness to listen to its players and take corrective measures is a testament to its commitment to their well-being and success.

PCB is making sure of it’s players safety :-

The PCB’s move to relocate its team to a new hotel in New York is a significant step towards ensuring the well-being and comfort of its players. The PCB’s proactive approach has set an example for other teams and organizations to follow, highlighting the importance of considering the needs of players in international tournaments.

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