The Event Technical Committee of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 has taken a significant step by approving Anamul Haque Bijoy as the replacement for the injured Shakib Al Hasan in the Bangladesh squad. This decision comes after Shakib suffered a fracture in the index finger of his left hand during a recent match against Sri Lanka on November 6.

Shakib’s injury occurred during the game against Sri Lanka, and he subsequently underwent scans in New Delhi, which revealed the fracture in his index finger. The National Team Physio, Bayjedul Islam Khan, explained that it would take Shakib at least three to four weeks to recover from this injury.

Unfortunately, Shakib will miss Bangladesh’s last league stage match in the ongoing World Cup, as Bangladesh has already been eliminated from the tournament due to a series of losses.

What’s notable is that Shakib, despite the injury, displayed remarkable resilience by continuing to bat with supportive taping and painkillers after being struck on his left index finger early in his innings. Following the game, he underwent an emergency X-ray in Delhi, confirming the fracture in the left PIP joint. Now, his focus will shift to rehabilitation as he departs for Bangladesh┬áto initiate the recovery process.

In addition to his injury, Shakib was recently involved in a contentious on-field incident during the match against Sri Lanka. He appealed against Angelo Mathews, which led to Mathews being declared out. This decision raised questions about the “spirit of cricket.”

Although Shakib was asked if he wanted to withdraw his appeal, he stood firm, and this decision generated significant controversy, drawing backlash from fans and cricket experts worldwide.

The replacement of Shakib Al Hasan with Anamul Haque Bijoy in the Bangladesh squad signifies a crucial adjustment for the team as they conclude their World Cup journey. The injury to Shakib and the subsequent controversies surrounding his appeal have added to the drama and discussions in the world of cricket. As the tournament progresses, fans and experts will closely follow the developments in this compelling cricket saga.

By Ritik Sharma

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