Trent Boult, the formidable left-arm pacer from New Zealand, has marked his triumphant return to international cricket after a hiatus. His exceptional performance in the second ODI against England at The Rose Bowl in Southampton has left cricket enthusiasts in awe.

However, Boult owes his first wicket on this comeback to his teammate, Mitchell Santner, whose outstanding catch dismissed England’s Jonny Bairstow for a mere two-ball duck. The match, which was rain-curtailed, witnessed a captivating moment as Boult delivered an inswinger around the middle.

Bairstow attempted to work the ball across the line but ended up with a leading edge. The ball soared towards cover, where Mitchell Santner soared even higher, making a remarkable one-handed catch with his left hand.

Incredible catch by Santner against England: Watch

But Boult’s brilliance didn’t stop there. In a display of skill and precision, he sent England’s captain, Joe Root, back to the pavilion without a single run to his name just two deliveries later. Boult unleashed a length delivery targeting the middle and leg, which moved sharply back in and struck Root on the pads, leading to a resounding LBW decision.

Trent Boult’s return to the international arena has certainly been a spectacle, with his impactful performance against England serving as a testament to his prowess. As the cricketing world eagerly watches his journey back, his partnership with Mitchell Santner promises more exciting moments to come.

By Ritik Sharma

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