Uttar Pradesh government has decided to adopt wrestling till 2032 Olympic games. The president of Indian wrestling Association Brij Bhushan Singh said that Uttar Pradesh government will adopt wrestling and provide valuable support to the Indian wrestlers till 2032 Olympic games and will invest up to 170 crore rupees.

The president of the Indian wrestling Association also stated that he suggested the government to adopt wrestling after taking inspiration for Odisha Government who adopted hockey and it showed great results in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Wrestling in Olmypics
Yogi Adityanath awarded to all the Olympic Medal winners at the Ekana International Stadium

Following the path of Odisha Government, UP Government Adopts Wrestling

“Odisha is a small state, yet they are supporting hockey in such a great manner, so we thought, why can’t UP, which is such a big state, support wrestling. We approached them and the CM Yogi Adityanath has accepted it,” WFI president said.

“In our proposal, we have asked for Rs. 10 crore support every year till the 2024 Games (Rs. 30 crore) and in the next Olympic cycle till 2028, we have asked for a support of Rs 15 crore per year (Rs. 60 crore) and in the final phase till 2032, it is Rs 20 crore per year (Rs 80 crore),” Singh said in an interview.

Adopting the sport has been the new Trend since BJP came into powers

“With this happening, sponsorships will not be restricted to just the country’s elite wrestlers. Even the Cadet level wrestlers will get sponsorship and we will be able to give prize money to even national champions.”

In 2018 ,Wrestling Federation of India approached Tata Motors as their principal sponsors. Tata Motors provided a fund of rupees 12 crore to the wrestling Federation which help to provide contract to the Indian wrestlers  who qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Tata Motors will once again will be the principal sponsors of the Indian wrestling Federation.

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The funds provided by the UP government will be utilized to send Indian Wrestler to the foreign countries at cadet level also.

“As of now, only the senior and elite level wrestlers have personal coaches and guidance of foreign coaches. But we can also invest heavily in training our cadets and junior wrestlers.

“Now we can send our Cadet wrestlers abroad for training and exposure. We need to take wrestling to the next level,” Singh said.

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By Shivanshu Chauhan

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