In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, young southpaw Tilak Varma has forged a remarkable bond with Rohit Sharma’s daughter, Samaira, during his time with the Mumbai Indians setup over the past two seasons.

This close relationship became evident when the talented cricketer dedicated his maiden half-century for India to little Samaira, accompanied by a unique and fun-filled celebration.

When asked about his jubilant celebration, Tilak revealed that it was all about his special bond with Samaira, the adorable daughter of his teammate Rohit Sharma. Their close connection led Tilak to decide that he would commemorate his milestones in this manner going forward. He expressed his joy in celebrating for Sammy, as they affectionately call her, given their playful interactions and shared affection.

VIDEO: When Tilak expressed his love for Rohit’s daughter

Having spent considerable time with Rohit Sharma due to his association with the Mumbai Indians, Tilak Varma spoke about the invaluable confidence boost he received from the Indian cricketing maestro.

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Rohit Sharma had assured Tilak that he has the potential to excel across formats, instilling the young cricketer with self-belief and a drive to perform consistently. The mentorship and guidance provided by Rohit have played a pivotal role in Tilak’s development as an all-format cricketer.

Beyond Rohit Sharma‘s influence, Tilak Varma also found inspiration in former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina during his formative years. The left-hander’s playing style and work ethic served as a source of motivation for the budding cricketer as he pursued his dreams in the sport.

Tilak’s fine performance in the second T20I against an unfortunate loss showcased his immense potential as a cricketing prospect. His well-crafted half-century played a crucial role in setting a competitive total for the team, earning him praise and admiration from fans and experts alike.

With reports suggesting that key players like Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul might be unavailable for the upcoming Asia Cup, there is speculation about Tilak Varma’s inclusion in the Indian squad. His recent performances and unwavering dedication make him a compelling candidate for selection, potentially providing India with an exciting and talented addition to their batting lineup.


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