White cards will be shown by the umpires to signal the the completion of five deliveries in a set. There will be a 50 second break for the change of ends in every 10 balls. These rules are among the new playing conditions confirmed by the England cricket board. The Hundred tournament will be launched on July 21.

The England Cricket board has introduced the new format of the game which will kick off with the women’s game between Manchester Originals and Oval Invincible. The contest will be measured by the fundamental unit “balls” not “overs”.

The Hundred
The Hundred tournament was postponed last year due to COVID-19 pandemic

The uniqueness of The Hundred Format

The England cricket board has officially confirmed that TV commentators and ground announcers are expected to use the word ‘over’ in the live broadcasting of the game.

The batsman will be referred as ‘in’ or ‘out’ during the commentary of the game. Whereas the concept of wickets will remain similar. The Indian Cricket board has also confirmed that the number of balls in an over would be 5 instead of 6 for the Hundred. The umpire will call ‘5’ instead of ‘over’ at the completion of bowler set of balls.

In the new format of the game, the Hundred, the total of 10 balls will be bowled from one end at one time. The umpires in the Hundred tournament will show the wild card at the end of 5 deliveries to confirm this fact to the scorers, broadcasters, crowds and players.

The another change made by the England Cricket board is that the toss will not take place at the centre of the ground. The toss will take place at this stage set for this purpose only. Tactical Timeout will be provided to each team in this Hundred tournament. The Timeout cannot be taken before the first 25 balls of an inning. The signal of the tactical Timeout will remain similar as used in the Indian Premier League. The first 25 balls of the inning will constitutes the power play.

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The Hundred
Franchises in The Hundred

One set of playing condition will be acquired to cover both the women’s and men’s game. The batsman will be regarded as the batters in this Hundred tournament.

The DRS system will be used for the first time in the English domestic circuit. The DRS will container smart replay system for the the convenience of the third umpire. The DRS will be provided at each venue and with full control over replats which will help to gear up the process.

The teams will be penalized for the slower rate as already confirmed by the England cricket board.  To avoid the confusion in the umpiring signals such as penalty and completion of one set of deliveries, the decision will be repeated by the announcer to the audience.

In case of of rain, the Duckworth Lewis method will be adopted as per T20 rules. But there will be a slight change in the Duckworth Lewis method, the calculation will use the ball faced by the team rather than the overs bowled in the game.

The Hundred
Both Men’s and Women’s action will be there in The Hundred

In case of a tie, one point will be awarded to both the teams in the league stages but for the knockouts the game will be decided by a super over or rather we can say super 5 as per the new rules of the league, the Hundred. The method of super 5 will go on in case of a tie super 5.

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England team was highly criticized when they were regarded as the winner in the tie super over. In the knockout stage, if the game ends in a tie then the team finished higher in the points table will be regarded as the winners.

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By Shivanshu Chauhan

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