An interview of Virender Sehwag, the former explosive opener of the Indian team, is in discussion these days. Sehwag has made many funny revelations in this interview. Veeru has shared an interesting anecdote related to the great batsman Sachin Tendulkar on The Ranveer Show on YouTube.

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Sehwag narrated an incident from the 2011 World Cup when Sachin Tendulkar hit him with the bat. This is because Virender Sehwag was busy humming his songs and was not talking to Sachin Tendulkar. It is well known to the fans that how much Virender Sehwag loved to hum songs while batting. He used to do this so that bad thoughts do not enter his mind.

Why did Sachin Tendulkar got angry?

Team mates were also well aware of this habit of Veeru, but a moment came when Sachin Tendulkar got angry with him. Sehwag said, ‘Everyone has a different way of relaxing and concentrating. We have to find it. Sachin Tendulkar could not possibly sing while batting, he liked to talk.’

Veeru further said, ‘It is about the 2011 World Cup. We were playing a match against South Africa. I was in a good mood and was singing songs because the runs were coming. We had scored a total of 50-60 runs in 5 overs. When we met at the end of the over, we used to sing our songs just by punching the gloves. I was singing – I go to someone’s tune.’

Tendulkar hit the bat

Sehwag said, ‘Sachin Tendulkar wanted to talk after the over. He waited in the first over and the second over. After the third over, he hit me with the bat and there was a crackling sound. I was surprised.’ He said, ‘Talk to me.’ I told Tendulkar that I am in a good mood, singing songs and hitting fours. I don’t want to talk, you are just saying well done well done. He likes to talk.

Tendulkar’s knowledge is unmatched

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Virender Sehwag also talked about Tendulkar’s knowledge and said that it cannot be compared with anyone. He said, ‘Tendulkar’s knowledge about cricket is something different. He used to say that the bowler will now bowl a full length ball, which will hit your pad. I used to say – Hey what are you saying? The next ball came as he told.’

Veeru said, ‘It was a matter of luck that my bat came in the middle. He knows what the bowler is thinking, he thinks what kind of ball to bowl if Sehwag is to be bowled. Tendulkar said, watch the bouncer is coming, carefully. So much experience, knowledge about cricket makes him different. If Tendulkar’s knowledge is up to his head, then the knowledge of other players including Virat Kohli is up to his waist.’ 

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