Former India captain Virat Kohli and his wife are counted among the most beautiful couples in Cricket and Bollywood world. Every style of the pair of Virat and Anushka wins the hearts of the fans. After dating for a long time, Kohli took seven rounds with the Bollywood actress in the year 2017. Meanwhile, Virat has made a big disclosure about his first meeting with Anushka.

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Talking on ‘The 360 Show’, Kohli has told that when he was about to meet Anushka for the first time, he was extremely nervous and did not understand how he would be able to interact with the Bollywood star.

Virat was nervous before meeting Anushka

Virat told, “I remember it was in the year 2013, I was made the captain for the Zimbabwe tour. My manager came near and told that I have to shoot an ad with Anushka. As soon as I heard this , I was nervous. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. I was so nervous.” 

Virat had made a dirty joke

Kohli told that when he first met Anushka, he made a bad joke about her heels, but he became comfortable after a few meetings. Virat said, “Besides being nervous, I did not understand how tall she is. So when I saw her heels for the first time, I told her that you didn’t get to wear anything higher than this?” She replied on this and said, excuse me?”

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Virat further said, “That was very upset, I was very nervous. However, I later realized that she is also like a common man and our backgrounds are very similar. From there we became friends. And slowly we started dating. It didn’t happen all of a sudden.”

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