The retention rules for the upcoming IPL 2022 managed to grab all the headlines. The fact that we’re still a few months away from the IPL 2022 but still getting excited for the mega event speaks volumes of the quality of the IPL. As per a report in Cricbuzz, All the existing eight IPL teams will be allowed a maximum of four retentions. So who all will make the RCB IPL-2022 Retention List?

All the eight existing teams will be allowed to retain either three Indian players and an overseas player or two Indian players and two overseas players. However, one team which will have to think hard regarding the same will be the Royal Challengers Bangalore. The RCB retention list is something everyone will be eagerly looking forward to. Especially the RCB fans. So what will the RCB retention list look like? Will the RCB retention list consist of 4 players? Who are going to be the 4 players on the RCB retention list?

Today we shall be taking a look at the most probable candidates of the RCB IPL-2022 Retention List

1) Virat Kohli:

RCB IPL-2022 Retention List
Virat Kohli is the only player currently in the IPL segement to play for only one franchise in the not-so-small history of the tournament


Although Virat Kohli said that he won’t be captaining RCB due to the workload, he did confirm that he will still remain with them. This confirms his name in the RCB retention list already. Besides, he is the face of the franchise. His brand value alone is enough for the team’s sustainability. Besides, he is unarguably one of the best IPL players of all time. Kohli has a mega salary of Rs 17 crore and the franchise might not have any problems in paying him the same amount again.

So, Virat Kohli looks set to be the 1st Priority Contentder in the RCB IPL-2022 Retention List.

2) AB De Villiers:


RCB IPL-2022 Retention List
ABD has done enough in the past few years to get the retention card

If Kohli will be on the RCB retention list, then so will his partner in crime. AB De Villiers has been one of RCB’s most loyal servants. He and Kohli share a special bond as well. However, it is his game which propels the franchise to retain him. It is safe to say that he has been one of the best performers for RCB for quite a while now. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that he has carried RCB all by himself for a few seasons as well. He isn’t just a cricketing legend but is also an emotion for the fans of the franchise.

Henceforth, we can see ABD  the 2nd Priority Contentder in the RCB IPL-2022 Retention List.

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3) Yuzvendra Chahal:


RCB IPL-2022 Retention List
Yuzvendra Chahal has shown a lot of improvement in the UAE log of IPL-2022

Chahal has been a seasoned campaigner for RCB. Over the years, he has picked wickets for fun. Another important point to be noted is the fact that spinners would be in a huge demand during the auctions. Thus it is best RCH retain him beforehand. Besides, he has been loyal to the franchise as well.

Without doubt, Yuzvendra Chahal will be the 3rd in the RCB IPL-2022 Retention List.

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4) Devdutt Paddikal:

RCB IPL-2022 Retention List
Devdutt Paddikkal has been the find of the season in IPL-2022


Despite having a lukewarm IPL 2021, RCB would definitely keep thru eyes on him. He is a supremely talented player who’s potential is immense. Thr Karnataka batsman has managed to impress one and all in a very short span of time. Besides, he even won the emerging player award in IPL 2020. He is a long-term investment and a player for the future. Thus, there is no way that RCB would release Padikkal after grooming him for close to three seasons. The left-handed batsman has scored 884 runs in only 29 matches for RCB.

Intrestingly Devdutt Paddikal looks set to grab the 4th spot of RCB IPL-2022 Retention List.

Who all are the other contenders for the RCB IPL-2022 Retention List?

The likes of Glenn Maxwell, Harshal Patel, Mohammad Siraj and Washington Sunder might also get the nod for RCB IPL-2022 Retention List ahead of IPL-2022 Fresh auctions. But keeping in mind the concept of  ‘Brand Value‘, which is the vital cog of any IPL Franchise, the names in our list have the best chances get reatined by the RCB Franchise.


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