In a delightful banter session during Day 4 of the second India vs England Test in Visakhapatnam, legendary England cricketer Kevin Pietersen engaged in a lighthearted exchange with former India fast bowler Zaheer Khan.

Pietersen, known for his charismatic presence both on and off the field, took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the wickets he claimed during his illustrious international career.

During the lunchtime discussion, Pietersen amusingly recalled dismissing the legendary Indian captain MS Dhoni in a memorable encounter at the Oval in 2007. With a playful tone, he declared, “You know who else I’ve got in my pocket here? The great Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Right there, there he is next to Kamran Akmal,” sharing his humorous perspective on the on-field battles.

Zaheer Khan, quick-witted as ever, seized the opportunity to remind Pietersen of his own challenges, particularly his battles with Yuvraj Singh. Zaheer humorously revealed, “You know I met Yuvraj Singh recently, and he was talking about Kevin Pietersen being there. I remember him (KP) giving him (Yuvraj) a special nickname as well.”

Pietersen, displaying his characteristic charm, acknowledged the banter and drew parallels between his rivalry with Yuvraj Singh and the potential future banter between players like Ravichandran Ashwin and Ben Stokes. “We’ve had some great battles, some beautiful battles on the field, and that’s what happens when you play for such a long time,” Pietersen remarked.

He humorously envisioned a scenario where, in the future, Ashwin and Stokes might share a similar laugh recalling their encounters on the cricket field.

The banter-filled exchange between Pietersen and Zaheer Khan showcased the camaraderie and lighter moments that make cricket not just a sport but a platform for enduring friendships and memorable stories. As these cricketing legends shared their anecdotes, fans were treated to a glimpse of the camaraderie that transcends national boundaries in the world of cricket.

By Ritik Sharma

A common man who is doing calm se kaam, a failed cricketer, still in love with it. Establishing my journey into Journalism & if you love my articles then share it with your dear ones Instagram - @ritiksharma45

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