In a recent clash between Australia Women and South Africa Women in the second ODI of their series, cricket fans were treated to more than just the usual on-field action. While the match showcased some impressive displays of resilience from players like Tazmin Brits and Anneke Bosch, it was a comical incident involving umpire Claire Polosak that stole the show.

After a solid start by the South African┬áteam, Australia decided to challenge an LBW decision against Sune Luus with the help of the Decision Review System (DRS). To everyone’s surprise, the review revealed that the ball had pitched outside off, rendering Luus not out. The TV umpire relayed this decision to on-field umpire Claire Polosak, instructing her to signal ‘not out.’

However, in a momentary lapse, Claire raised her finger to signal ‘out,’ completely disregarding the third umpire’s confirmation. The resulting confusion turned into sheer hilarity as the entire field, including players and spectators, erupted into laughter at the umpire’s gaffe.

Claire, with a good-natured smile, quickly realized her mistake and corrected herself, adding a light-hearted moment to the intense cricketing action.

WATCH: Umpire gives signal out despite third umpire not-out decision

Despite the brief interruption caused by this amusing incident, the match continued with South Africa Women making a solid stand at 136/4 in 28.5 overs before rain halted play. Marizanne Kapp’s contribution with the bat was notable, underscoring the team’s determination amidst the unexpected turn of events.

In the world of cricket, where every moment counts, such light-hearted incidents remind us of the human side of the game, adding an element of fun and camaraderie amidst the competitive spirit. As players and fans eagerly anticipate the next match in the series, they’ll undoubtedly remember this hilarious moment that brought smiles to faces and laughter to the field.

By Ritik Sharma

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