IPL 2020 : Latest Update about IPL’s Schedule


So finally there is a news on the 13th edition of Indian Premier League which is supposed to begin on March 29. IPL Governing Council Chairman, Brijesh Patel has confirmed the dates just now.

The decisions on IPL 2020 were taken in a meeting of the IPL Governing Council today in New Delhi. The GC members and the members of BCCI present in the meeting also decided that there will be no change in the timings of the game and only 6 games will have a 4 PM start while the rest of the games will have the same 8 PM start. There will issues opened by the broadcasting team about the game timings but now the clouds have cleared with the decision coming out today.

There will be no change in the timing of IPL night games. It will start from 8 PM like it has been since years. There were discussions about 7:30 PM but it’s not happening, BCCI president Sourav Ganguly told reporters after the meeting.

IPL final will be held in Mumbai.

There will be some changes in the upcoming IPL season which will include the third umpire for no balls, concussion substitute and some more which were confirm by Sourav Ganguly.

Rajasthan Royals (RR) will be playing three of their games in Guwahati in this edition on the Indian Premier League.

There are chances of an IPL all star tournament that will happen just before the IPL 2020 but the news is not a 100% sure. There were also talks about the Ahmedabad stadium but no comments came from the GC or BCCI about inclusion of the stadium to this year’s IPL.

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