In a bad start start of intl cricket for promising Pak young fast bowler Ihsanullah finds himself sidelined due to an elbow injury requiring urgent attention. The 21-year-old, who made his mark on the international stage in 2023, has been dispatched to Manchester, England, to consult with renowned orthopaedic surgeon Professor Adam Watts.

This move underscores the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) unwavering commitment to its players’ health and well-being.

Ihsanullah’s journey in the cricketing arena has been nothing short of remarkable. Having debuted for Pakistan just a year prior, his talent and potential were evident to fans and selectors alike. However, the recent setback has cast a shadow over his burgeoning career.

The specifics of Ihsanullah’s injury remain undisclosed, but the PCB has spared no effort in ensuring he receives the best possible care. Collaborating with his franchise, the Multan Sultans, the board has shouldered all expenses related to his treatment and subsequent rehabilitation. This proactive approach highlights the PCB’s dedication to nurturing talent and prioritizing player welfare.

Dr. Sohail Saleem, head of the PCB’s medical department, addressed concerns regarding the handling of Ihsanullah’s case. While acknowledging a delay in the initial diagnosis, Dr. Saleem emphasized that there was no mishandling involved. He attributed the delay to the need for fresh tests, ultimately leading to the discovery of a fracture that had been previously overlooked.

The involvement of Professor Watts, a specialist in hand, wrist, shoulder, and elbow procedures, instills confidence in Ihsanullah’s recovery journey. With his expertise coupled with the PCB’s support, hopes are high for the young pacer’s swift return to the field.

As Pakistan’s cricket fraternity awaits updates on Ihsanullah’s progress, one thing remains certain: the PCB’s unwavering dedication to its players’ welfare sets a commendable precedent for cricket boards worldwide. In adversity lies an opportunity for growth, and Ihsanullah’s journey towards recovery epitomizes resilience in the face of adversity.

By Ritik Sharma

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