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Delhi [India], April 17: To tackle the run scoring spree in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024, former cricketers and cricket pundits have floated an idea of having duke ball which produces more seam and “allows more lateral movement.

At the time when IPL is seeing bloodbath for bowlers, Gambhir’s statement is coming to fore. In a newly launched podcast 180 not out, Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir said there is no compulsion of using a Kookaburra balls. Gambhir shared his views in the Episode 0 of revolutionary podcast series, “180 Not Out.”

Gautam Gambhir on recent IPL-2024 Run Trucks

“If a manufacturer cannot produce a ball which cannot last for 50 overs, might as well change the manufacturer. There’s nothing wrong with changing the manufacturer. What is this compulsion with only using the Kookaburra?” Gambhir told Raman Raheja, a Sports Fan, Sports-preneur, Media professional and a Creator who put together this Podcast “180 Not Out”.

Meanwhile, commentator Harsha Bhogle suggested to use duke balls in order to produce more lateral movement and have something for the bowlers in a T20 game.

“I will reiterate this. We need greater balance between bat and ball and in a situation where the pitches aren’t helping, the ball must do more in the air. How about a Duke ball, a ball with a more pronounced seam, that allows more lateral movement and ensures batters can’t just hit through the line at will. Love to hear expert opinions on this,” Harsha Bhogle tweeted.

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Meanwhile, the groundbreaking podcast series promises to delve deep into the rich 180-year history of cricket, tracing its evolution from its colonial origins to its current stature as a global phenomenon.

During the Episode 0 of the podcast, former International greats were also quite candid while sharing their journey and how in the earlier years, they used to look up to Legends in order to learn about the game.

In subsequent episodes, the “180 Not Out” podcast will cover a diverse range of topics including the sport’s impact on players, leagues, controversies, commercialization, challenges, coaching, fitness, demographics, formats, records, and future prospects.

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Shot at the backdrop of Legends League Cricket (LLC), hosted by Raman Raheja, it is perhaps going to be the biggest Cricket Podcast featuring 60+ Legends in a single season.

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