Sunil Gavaskar has made a big appeal to BCCI in which he has expressed his desire to fulfill some of the following demands from BCCI.  The 17th edition of the Indian Premier League has unfolded as a batting extravaganza, leaving cricket enthusiasts awestruck as batters rewrite the record books with remarkable consistency. In a jaw-dropping spectacle, teams have breached the 250-run mark five times in a single league, all before the tournament has reached its halfway point.

Among the 35 matches played thus far, an astounding 15 instances have seen teams surpassing the 200-run milestone, painting a vivid picture of the dominance wielded by the willow over the leather.

Match 35 of IPL 2024 witnessed an onslaught of records tumbling like a house of cards, with the Sunrisers Hyderabad etching their name in history. Notably, they achieved the fastest team hundred in IPL history, rattling off a century in a mere five overs.

Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar’s appeal is justified:-

Additionally, they blazed through the powerplay, amassing the highest-ever score of 125/0, along with the highest total after 10 overs, reaching an astonishing 158/4. As batters took center stage, former Indian cricketing legend Sunil Gavaskar voiced his concerns over the lopsided equilibrium between batters and bowlers.

In a candid conversation with former Indian captain Anjum Chopra, Sunil Gavaskar advocated for a subtle yet impactful change to restore balance to the game. Emphasizing that cricket bats are already within regulations, he proposed an increase in the size of the boundary fence at every venue.


Pointing to the Arun Jaitley Stadium, he highlighted the ample space between the boundary fence and the LED advertisement boards, suggesting a modest extension of 2-3 meters. This adjustment, he argued, could be the decisive factor between a maximum and a catch in the deep, providing much-needed respite for bowlers.

Drawing parallels to the repetitive nature of batters decimating bowlers with disdain, Sunil Gavaskar expressed his growing concern over the monotony of T20 cricket. He likened the onslaught to batsmen swinging their bats in the nets, with little regard for finesse or strategy. While acknowledging the initial thrill, he lamented the lack of excitement beyond a certain point, urging for a reevaluation of the game’s balance.

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Gavaskar’s insights shed light on the pressing need for subtle adjustments to maintain the integrity and excitement of the sport, ensuring a fair contest between bat and ball in the ever-evolving landscape of cricket.

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