In the one of the most awaited game in IPL 2024 clash between the Mumbai Indians and the Rajasthan Royals, all eyes are on the unexpected and hilarious encounter between Shane Bond, the bowling coach of the Royals, and the former Mumbai Indians captain, Rohit Sharma. As the anticipation mounts for the Monday showdown at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur, the Mumbai Indians franchise took to Twitter to share a sneak peek of the delightful rendezvous between Shane Bond and Rohit Sharma.

In the heartwarming video, Shane Bond, known for his camaraderie with Rohit, playfully surprises him with a cheeky attempt at a kiss from behind, leaving Rohit stunned before they break into laughter and share a warm embrace.

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Shane Bond

Shane Bond & Rohit shares some special bond :-

Shane’s affectionate gesture towards Rohit Sharma is a testament to the strong bond they share, transcending team rivalries and showcasing the camaraderie that defines the spirit of cricket.

WATCH: Shane Bond tries to kiss Rohit frankly

It’s worth noting that Shane Bond has previously served as the bowling coach for the Mumbai Indians, adding an extra layer of significance to their playful interaction.

As the Mumbai Indians gear up for the crucial encounter against the Rajasthan Royals, they are riding high on the momentum of a much-needed victory over the Punjab Kings, signaling a resurgence after a rocky start with four consecutive losses. Sitting at the 6th position in the points table, the Mumbai Indians are determined to extend their winning streak and secure a spot in the top four.


On the other hand, the Rajasthan Royals have emerged as the standout team of the tournament, showcasing their all-around prowess with consistent performances and just one loss so far. Currently leading the IPL 2024 points table with 6 wins, the Royals pose a formidable challenge for their opponents.

As the stage is set for an epic battle between two cricketing giants, the heartwarming exchange between Shane and Rohit Sharma serves as a reminder of the camaraderie and sportsmanship that transcends the boundaries of the game. Fans can expect nothing short of fireworks when these two powerhouse teams collide on the field in Jaipur.

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