In the T20I World Cup 2022, the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh was played on the last day of the league match i.e. on Sunday.

During this match, something happened with Shakib Al Hasan, due to which a controversy has arisen. Cricket fans are fiercely cursing DRS.

Actually, Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan was declared out LBW in an over of Shadab against Pakistan. Shakib took Drs, rhe TV umpire also declared Shakib out while the ball was hit by Shakib’s bat.

Significantly, Shakib’s wicket became the ‘turning point’ in this match. There has been a ruckus on social media regarding this matter. Many cricket fans and former cricketers are sharing different reactions on Twitter.

The third umpire believed that the bat had touched the ground –

Let us tell you that it was clearly visible in the review that the ball had hit the shoe on the lower part of Shakib’s bat. It was clearly visible in the ultra-edge as well that the ball had hit Shakib’s bat.

Despite this, the TV umpire gave Shakib out. The third umpire believed that the bat had touched the ground. The movement in the ultra edge was considered by the third umpire that the ball did not hit the bat, but the bat hit the ground.

Many cricket experts believe that the ball has hit the bat and the bat has not hit the ground because the shadow of the bat is also visible.

By Ritik Sharma

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