India beat Bangladesh by 5 runs in Round-12 of T20I World Cup 2022. In this match, Bangladesh wicketkeeper-batsman Nurul Hasan has accused Indian player Virat Kohli of ‘Fake Fielding’.

The incident Nurul was referring to happened in the seventh over. Axar Patel was bowling for India. Liton Das plays the ball towards deep mid wicket. Arshdeep fielded the ball and threw it. On this, Kohli expressed as if he was catching the ball and throwing it towards the non-striker.

Jalal Yunus discusses fake fielding case with Shakib -:

Bangladesh Cricket Board’s cricket operations chairman Jalal Yunus said that he has spoken to captain Shakib Al Hasan on the matter.

Shakib told that he also talked to the umpire about the throw and wet outfield. He asked the umpire to take more time to dry the field.

He further said that Shakib had spoken to umpire Erasmus about the throw, but the umpire did not pay heed. He said, “The decision of the umpires is final and that is why we do not want to argue much on this matter.”

Yunus further said, ‘They will go to the appropriate forum to raise this issue. “We are taking this matter seriously,” Jalal Yunus also said that he would go to the appropriate forum to raise the issue.

What does ICC rule say -:

Under ICC Rule 41.5, the fielding team willfully deceives, deceives or obstructs the batsman, then it will be considered wrong under the Law of the Game.

If the umpire feels that someone has violated the rule, he can declare a dead ball and impose a five-run penalty on the team.


By Ritik Sharma

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