India and Australia will move concentration to red ball cricket at the finish of the IPL season with the World Test Championship final. 

The ball to be used for the World Test Championship final among India and Australia won’t be according to the choice of either sides. ICC says the choice on which kind of ball to be used will depend on the hosting country – for this situation it’s England.

India uses SG balls for their home series and Australia plays with the Kookaburra. However, the final of WTC will be played with the Dukes, according to a News18 report. Indeed, even the WTC last year, among India and New Zealand, was played with the Dukes.

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This clearance comes from the ICC recently and they said that from which ever ball the final to be played is to be decided by the host country, and England has decided that match should be played with Dukes.

The Dukes ball and the Kookaburra ball attract a lot of attention whenever the Indian cricket team travels abroad for a Test series.

The two cricket balls differ from each other in stitching and coating and also differ from the SG balls used for red-ball matches in India.

The Dukes cricket ball is also the preferred Test-match ball for several Indian players, including Virat Kohli, R Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah and Umesh Yadav, all of whom have spoken in favor of it in the past.

Meanwhile, the Kookaburra ball is a favorite of fast bowlers in Australia and South Africa

What is the main difference between Dukes and Kookaburra cricket ball?

All six rows of threads on a Dukes ball are hand-stitched, whereas on a Kookaburra ball only the central two rows of threads are hand-stitched to hold the two leather halves together. The rest of the rows on the Kookaburra ball are machine stitched vertically.

The Kookaburra is also flatter than the Dukes, which arguably fits better in a bowler’s fingers.

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