Career options in Cricket‘ is not only an agenda of discussion but also an amazing aspect of the game which grooms the future of the country. Cricket is a not only a sport but also a religion. Several people worship it. This is one of the major reason why this lovely sport has now become a part and parcel of our life. So much so that our day starts and ends with cricket. Seldom would you find a bloke who hasn’t played cricket during his childhood days even once. However, what are the career options in cricket? Are there any career options in cricket?

While it is an absolute no brainer that any cricket lover would dream and love to be a cricketer, what are the options other than that? Are there any other career options in cricket? While cricket has a lot of scope, it is a universal fact that there are a lot of career options in cricket other than becoming a cricketer. However, what are those options that can not only help one to associate with the sport but also bind oneself with it for a living?

Today we shall be taking a look at what are the career options in cricket?

1) Cricket Presenter:

Careers options in Cricket
With the advancement of Broadcasting and Media Insdustry, Cricket Presenters are the so called ‘New Jobs‘ of Cricketing Industry


One of the first things which comes to our mind when we hear of career options in cricket are sports or cricket presenters. They host the pre and post match show. They guide us about the details of the match. Anchoring as well as analytical skills are required to be a sports presence. To work as a sports commentator, you’ll need a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in media? broadcasting, journalism, or communications Your past job training needs to tpically be required, along with speaking, oral, listening and interpersonal skills, research abilities, media production skills.

2) Cricket Coach:

Careers options in Cricket
Cricket Coach helps you shape and groom your skills, you can also join this lot to serve the game with your angle


Ever heard of the “I guide others to a treasure I cannot posses” quoted by Red Skull in Avengers Infinity War or the “Those who can’t fulfill their own dreams fulfill the dreams of others” quoted by Emraan Hashmi from the movie Awarapan? The coach basically uses his cricket knowledge to teach budding cricketers. One can start his coaching career via joining an academy or being an independent coach and teaching cricket to youngsters.

3) Statistician:


Careers options in Cricket
There is a high demand of Statistician in the Cricketing Industry

One can be a statistician and research about cricket stats. This is one of the most dynamic fields with respect to carrie options in cricket as you need severe perseverance as well as knowledge. Data analytics comes to play over here. Quantitative and Technical skills are the most important areas of expertise if you are to look for a career as a sports statistician. Moreover you need to be very accurate with numerical data and statistical methods.

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4) Cricket Official:

Careers options in Cricket
With the number of matches played across the globe, the industry needs the one who can manage the smooth conduct of the game


Cricket officials are a must for any kind of a cricket match. Be it official or unofficial. Cricket officials ensures that a game takes place smoothly. There are several subsets when it comes to this option. A few examples inside umpires, pitch curators, groundsmen, scorers. This also includes officials and workers of cricket organization’s and bodies as well.

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5) Cricket Writers:

Careers options in Cricket
With the advancement of the game, the number of Cricket based websites have increased exponentially, which has opened the Large Gates for the Cricket Writers to publish their views and latest advancements in the game

This is the most preferred choice when it comes to career options in cricket. One can become a cricket writer and analyse thr sport. Once you do so you can write about it as well. There are various websites who require cricket writers. A few of them include Cricbuzz, CricTracker, ESPN Cricinfo, Cricket Addictor, Cricketkeeda Sports and many Fantasy Sites as well.

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Edited By : Devansh Awasthi

By Arvind Krishnan

Cricket writer, statistician and analyst. An unorthodox media student, marketing runs in his blood. Sports Marketer and analyst.