Top-10 Greatest Formula1 Drivers

There have been total 770 Formula 1 drivers , as per the reports of 2021. Those who love thrill and speed, Formula 1 racing has always been the most favorite sporting event. While watching the sport, the adrenaline rush is received with high intensity.  In this article,  we are going to discuss about Top 10 most successful Formula 1 drivers.

Here’s our Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers of all time

10)- Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is Spanish Formula 1 driver.  He has won three consecutive cartoon championships inspired from 1994 to 1997. Is also the third youngest Formula One Driver to make debut in the international event in Formula 1 history.

He made his International debut in the year 2001 Australian Grand Prix. He won his first title in 2003, the Hungarian Grand Prix with Renault. He 12 consecutive titles of Formula One World drivers Championship in 2005 and 2006. You won the Spanish Grand Prix race in 2013.

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Fernando Alonso

Alonzo is currently in Association with the Ferrari Formula 1 team. He is the 10th most successful Formula 1 driver.

9)- Sebastián Vettel

Sebastián Vettel is the German Formula 1 driver.  He is currently in Association with the Red Bull formula 1 team of Austria. He made his debut in 2007 in the United States Grand Prix. He positioned on the 7th position. He also was nominated as the Rookie of the year in the year 2008.

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Sebastián Vettel

In the year 2008, he won his first Grand Prix title. In 2009, he was Associated with Red Bull and finished second. He became the youngest ever Formula 1 driver to finish as runner up. He has won Formula 1 world driver’s championship for 4 consecutive times from 2010 to 2013. He has 39 Grand Prix titles to his name, 45 pole positions and 1549 career points. Sebastián Vettel is the 9 most successful Formula 1 driver in the world.

8)- Mika Hakkinen

Mika drove in the DTM series after his retirement.  The former Formula 1 driver is from Finland.  Mika has participated in 165 races so far in his career. He made his debut in 1991 in the US Grand Prix.

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Mika Hakkinen

He suffered a life threatening injury in 1995. He won his maiden title in 1997 European Grand Prix.  He was the world champion winner for the two consecutive seasons – 1998 and 1999. He won his last Formula 1 title in 2001 in US Grand Prix.  He is the 8th most successful Formula 1 driver.

7)- Alain Prost

Alain Marie Pascal Prost is the French Formula 1 driver who holds the record for most Grand Prix wins from 1987 to 2001. He has participated in 202 races with Renault,  Ferrari and McLaren. He made his debut in the Argentine Grand Prix in 1980 and won his first title in 1981 in the French Grand Prix in his 2nd race .

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Alain Prost

In the Brazilian Grand Prix in 1982, he finished third in the race but got the award because the first and the second driver were disqualified. He is the seventh most successful Formula 1 driver.

He has won the Formula 1 drivers championship for four times in his career- 1985,1986,1989 and 1993. In 1993 ,he won his last title in the German Grand Prix. Announce retirement after finishing second in the Australian Grand Prix.

6)- Stirling Moss

Stirling Moss is the former English Formula 1 car driver. He is regarded as the greatest driver who never won the World Championship. Female is debut in the Swiss grandparents in 1951 and finished at 14th position.

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Stirling Moss

In 1955 British Grand Prix, he won his first title. He became the first English driver to win the Formula 1 British Grand Prix x while riding a British made car. He has won 16 Grand tricks in his career but unfortunately he has no World Championship record.

His career stopped after a horrific accident at Grover Trophy in 1962 , which paralyzed his left side of the body for 6 months. He is district most successful Formula 1 driver.

5)- Jackie Stewart 

Jackie is the former British Formula One car driver from Scotland. Clipart separated in the South African Grand Prix in 1965 and achieved 6 position. He won his first world title in the Italian Grand Prix  in 1965. He won 3 more Grand Prix Championship during his career.

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Jackie Stewart

He won his last International Championship in 1973 German Grand Prix. He held the record for most win by a British Formula One car driver for 19 long years. His career consists of 27 wins in hundred races, 17 pole points and 360 career points. He is the fourth most successful Formula 1 driver.

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4)- Juan Manuel Fangio

He is famously known as El Chueca, is the first greatest and the most honorable champion of the world. He is the Formula 1 car driver from Argentina. He made his debut in 1938 in the Grand Prix International championship and won the title.

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Juan Manuel Fangio

He made a record of winning the most world championship of drivers for 46 years starting from 1951. He is the only Argentine driver to win the Argentine Grand Prix  4 times which is most by any driver. He has the highest winning percentage in the Formula 1 history. He has been preceded as the honorary president of Mercedes Benz. He died at the age of 84 in 1995. He is the fourth most successful Formula 1 driver.

3)- Lewis Hamilton 

He has 98 race wins along with 171 podium finishes in his career. Lewis Hamilton help the Mercedes-Benz team to win the Formula One World constructors championship consecutively for seven times since 2014. He has also won Formula One World drivers Championship 7 times.

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Lewis Hamilton

He is the third most successful Formula 1 driver. Lewis Hamilton bag the DHL passes lab award 5 times in his career. He has also won Autosport international racing drivers award and the Autosport British competition driver of the Year award 7 times each.

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2)- Michael Schumacher 

Michael is the former German formula one car driver and the world’s first billionaire athlete. He made his debut in the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix  and a year later, he won the same Championship.

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Michael Schumacher

Michael is the only Formula One Driver who finished first in five consecutive Seasons from 2000 to 2004. He won his last title in the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix.  He served as the brand ambassador and car developer of Ferrari.

His last race was in the Brazilian Grand Prix 2012 in which he finished 14th. He is the second most successful Formula 1 driver in the history. He suffered a serious cerebral injury in 2013 and was in coma from December 2013 till June 2014.

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1)- Aryton Senna 

Aryton Senna de Silva ITI form of Brazilian Formula 1 car racer. He made his debut in 1984 at the Brazilian Grand Prix. He won his first title in the Portuguese Grand Prix in 1985.

Ki First won the title of Formula One World Championship for drivers in the 39th edition of the FIR Formula One motor racing in 1988 and after that in the 41st edition of the f a formula one motor racing in 1990 ,he won the same title for the second time.

Top-10 Formula 1 Drivers
Aryton Senna

He became the youngest three time world champion in 1991. He won his last title in 1993 Australian Grand Prix. Unfortunately he died due to significant blood loss after the tragic incident on the track. Is the most successful Formula 1 driver in the history of the game.

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