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The World Rugby Union is all set to follow the new action plans in terms of dealing with serious concerns of the Sport like Concussions and Dementia(Mental Disease due to the Brain Injuries). World Rugby is forced to reckon with the reality of traumas that players have faced since last few months, when the former English World Cup Winner Steve Thompson leading the group of players to file the laws against the World Rugby Union for ensuring the safety of playing the sport. And that is worth to be appreciated as it will only encourage more to play the game and thinking for the Safety First.

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World Rugby Union
Rugby World : The Federation that manages the rugby worldwide

What are the new guidelines from the World Rugby Union?

The Governing Body of Rugby alongside, International Rugby Players(IRP) have announced the checklist which includes 6 major pointers. It strongly recommends mid-week contact trainings for two days, into three different categories. 15-minutes in week of “full-contact” training, in which the players may have to go on full throttle and will be asked to work at high pace in “body-to-body” collisions. 40 Minutes of controlled contact which will involve utilizing the tackle shields and pads, running on a lower pace. and last 30 minutes of live “set-piece” trainings with the lineouts, scrums and mauls at highest of intensity levels.

As per the survey of 600 players, the Elite pros averaged 19 Minutes of full contact-training in a week. which the governing body is looking to reduce specifically.

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When the new rules of Rugby will be implement?

The new set of rules are still to be mandatory implemented, but it is expected that these new guideliness will be implemented at “all-levels” on as soon as possible basis. However, going by the words of Mr. Mark Harrington it clearly highlighted that the the new set of rules will be implemented right from the qualifiers of the next Rugby World Cup, which is slated to be played in the year 2023. For now it could be said as “soft guideline” until it finds some teeth over the matter of time.

Hopefully, it is highly expected that the new set of rules will help the game to be more competitive than voilent

Are the other sports going the similar fashion like Rugby?

Well, the reason why NFL(National Football League) is so ahead of all the leagues is that it started this trend 10 years back from 2011 onwards. The Guardian Quoted Enna Falvey, WR’s chief medical officer, as saying,

“This is not a neat comparison, as NFL is contested with 32 Teams that are more easily regulated. Furthermore, 70%-80% of NFL players injuries occur during training, compared to 30%-405 in Rugby.”

Independent studies that were conducted in the University of South Wales, Australia find out that the Rugby players are mostly affected by the repetitive blows. Reduction in the blood flow to the Brain Cells and Cognitive Function resulted from the cumulative effects and not due to a single affect of concussion. These all pointed out the necessity of reduction in full-body training wherever it is possible. In addition to the same, the headers in Football and the Bouncers in Cricket have rooted out on the scanner, but talks face some sort of resistance.

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Are the new guidelines being welcomed by everyone in the Rugby Union?

As per the data of injuries in training(35%) comparing the same with during the games(65%). Many people from the Ruby fraternity are not “too-satisfied” with the new guidelines. However, keeping in mind that 35% is not also a number to leave aside, the stakeholders of game find it something to think upon with respect to the future of Sport, in terms of more globalization and development. However, the clarity of “full-body” training still needs to be there or we can say that there is still a scope for development.

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