Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc is contemplating his future in white-ball cricket amidst the ongoing World Cup. Contrary to popular belief, Starc has clarified that the current World Cup is not his farewell from ODIs. Instead, he is determined to continue playing Test cricket, considering it his top priority.

With an impressive record of 230 ODI wickets and an average of 23.17, Starc has firmly decided not to be part of the next 50-over World Cup in 2027. Despite being 37 years old, he acknowledges the four-year time span but remains resolute in his decision.

“I plan to keep playing after this, but I am certain that I won’t be participating in the next World Cup. I don’t have any plans for that. Four years is a long time,” Starc stated, as quoted by ESPN Cricinfo.

Speaking in Kolkata, Starc emphasized his unwavering commitment to Test cricket, saying, “I have always maintained that Test cricket is my top priority, and I will give up the rest before I give up Test cricket. For me, [the semi-final] is just another one-day game for Australia; it’s not the end of the road in one-day cricket for me yet.”

Despite upcoming ODIs against West Indies in February, Starc’s primary focus remains on Test cricket. Australia’s next ODIs are scheduled for September on a tour of England, with a Champions Trophy in Pakistan set for 2025.

Assessing his performance in the current World Cup, Starc admitted that he hasn’t performed at his desired level, citing the challenges fast bowlers face in the tournament. “I certainly haven’t been at the level I would have liked… or not the same level as the last two World Cups anyway, but now a chance at the pointy end to impact again,” he shared.

By Ritik Sharma

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