In a significant move, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president, Nazmul Hassan Papon, has made an important announcement regarding the leadership of the national cricket team.

Following the recent resignation of Tamim Iqbal as the captain, the BCB has chosen to entrust the reins of the dressing room to the seasoned player, Shakib Al Hasan, for the ODI format. This decision comes as a strategic move ahead of the Asia Cup 2023 and the highly anticipated ODI World Cup in India.

The elevation of Shakib Al Hasan to the captaincy role reflects his wealth of experience and prowess on the field. While Tamim Iqbal’s departure posed a challenge for the team, the BCB expressed confidence in Shakib’s capabilities, leading to his swift appointment.

BCB president Nazmul Hassan emphasized that despite initial reservations, his doubts about Shakib’s dedication to the sport have been dispelled. Observing Shakib’s commitment to cricket, Nazmul praised his continuous involvement in matches worldwide over the past year.

Nazmul Hassan highlighted Shakib’s recent engagements, including his participation in tournaments in Canada and Sri Lanka. The elevation to captaincy in the upcoming World Cup has spurred Shakib’s focus on the game, a fact that resonates positively with the BCB. Nazmul commended Shakib’s dedication to cricket, describing him as the epitome of seriousness towards the sport. The BCB president’s endorsement further solidifies the belief in Shakib’s ability as a pivotal player.

Regarding the future trajectory of Shakib’s captaincy, Nazmul Hassan clarified that the decision lies in the hands of the accomplished cricketer. The BCB is open to Shakib’s preference for leading the team in one, two, or even all three formats of the game.

Nazmul acknowledged the upcoming challenges posed by the extensive match schedule and expressed willingness to discuss the matter with Shakib before reaching a final verdict.

Nazmul Hassan also acknowledged the potential pressure that might accompany Shakib’s decision to captain in all three formats. The rigorous schedule of matches in the pipeline adds complexity to the decision-making process. As the BCB president highlighted, the consideration extends beyond individual preferences to the team’s best interests and the demands of the cricketing calendar.



By Ritik Sharma

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