Indian wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant got out of bed for the first time after surgery. According to the doctors treating Pant, it takes four to six months to get back on the field after such an injury. However, it depends on the individual and the physio.

Pant was injured in a road accident on December 30 and was admitted to a hospital in Dehradun, but the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) decided to send the cricketer to Mumbai for further treatment.

On January 4, he was airlifted and admitted to Kokilaben Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Dinsha Pardiwala. Pant’s right leg ligament surgery was done which lasted for about three hours.

Pant will be taught to walk through walker –

According to sources, on Tuesday, four days after the surgery, Pant was taken off the bed for a while with the help of others and he even stood up for a few seconds.

The source told mid-day that Pant will be moved through a walker in the coming days and will remain in the hospital for the next one week and will require rigorous rehabilitation.

When asked how much time a player can take to recover from such surgery. On this, Dr. Gautam Tawari, Orthopedic and Sports Surgeon, Nanavati Max Hospital, said, ‘If the ligament is repaired, it takes four to six weeks to heal.’

After two or three months, training can be done with that leg. However, full recovery takes another four months, so it will take at least six months to recover.

Recovery may take up to 12 months

However, it also depends on the kind of care being taken and the kind of medical help the person is getting. Above all, the person’s own willpower proves to be effective in his quick recovery. Muscle training is important after surgery.

Another expert said, “If there is a grade-1 injury, it takes four to six weeks to recover from it. If there is a grade-2 injury then it takes 12 to 16 weeks and for grade-3 injury it takes nine to 12 months. Athletes have to go through rehab at every level and they have to be constantly monitored.”

By Ritik Sharma

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