The T20I World Cup 2024 will be jointly organized in USA and West Indies, but next time its format will be changed and there will be more dose of entertainment for cricket fans.

In the next World Cup, 20 countries will participate, which will be divided into five groups and each group will have 4 teams.

After the first round matches are over, Super Eight matches will be played. That is, the top two teams of each group will reach the Super Eight and then four of these teams will reach the semi-finals and then two teams will go to the finals.

Earlier i.e. in the T20I World Cup of 2021 and 2022, Super 12 stage matches were played after the first round, but this time due to more teams, such arrangements will be made. Already 12 teams have qualified for the next T20I World Cup.

Next time this tournament will be organized in West Indies and USA, being the host country, these teams are also among the 12 teams that have qualified for it. Apart from this, the winner team of T20I World Cup 2022 England and the runner-up team Pakistan have also qualified for the next season, as well as the top 8 teams of the ICC rankings have also joined the top 12 teams of the next World Cup.

The ICC announced the new arrangement in a press release and stated that South Africa were ranked in the top 8 and reached the top 12, but Zimbabwe were not ranked in the top 8 and those were unable to qualify, will have to play against the first round.

This time there will be two qualification spots for Africa, Asia and Europe, while there will be one place each for America and East-Asia Pacific region.

By Ritik Sharma

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