In a unique cross-disciplinary exchange, reigning Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra, famed for popularizing the javelin throw in India, has extended valuable advice to India’s premier fast bowler, Jasprit Bumrah, on how to enhance his pace. Neeraj, a distinguished presence at the ODI World Cup final held at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium, not only lauded Bumrah’s distinctive bowling style but also designated him as his preferred fast bowler.

Expressing his admiration for Bumrah, Neeraj speaks, “I like Jasprit Bumrah; I find his action unique,” during an event.

Despite Bumrah’s stellar performance in the World Cup, where he played a pivotal role in India’s success by amassing 20 wickets, Neeraj Chopra suggested a subtle adjustment that could potentially elevate Bumrah’s pace.

“I feel he should lengthen his run-up to add more pace. As a javelin thrower, we often discuss how bowlers can increase their pace if they start their run-up from a little further back. I like Bumrah’s style,” he added more.

Reflecting on his experience as a spectator at the World Cup final between India and Australia, Neeraj shared insights into the challenging batting conditions.

“This was the first time I watched a match fully. When I was on the flight, India had lost three wickets already. Virat and KL were batting when I reached. There are some technical things that I don’t understand. Batting in the daytime wasn’t very easy. In the evening, I think, batting became easy. But our guys tried. Sometimes, it’s just not our day. But, frankly, everyone had a great tournament.”

Acknowledging the mental strength of the Australian team, Neeraj added, “Maybe, somewhere mentally, the Australian team held an edge at the start. When they bowled, I found they had a strong mindset. In the end, they had completely flipped it over. They were confident about their game.”


By Ritik Sharma

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