Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell etched his name in the history books by smashing the fastest century in ODI World Cup history. This remarkable feat unfolded at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi on the evening of October 25.

Maxwell’s whirlwind century came in just 40 balls, shattering the previous record held by South Africa’s Aiden Markram, who had set the benchmark earlier in the tournament.

What makes Maxwell’s century even more astonishing is the fact that he came to the crease in the 40th over, a point in the innings where not many would have foreseen a century on the horizon.

However, Maxwell not only reached the milestone but did so with a jaw-dropping margin of 19 balls to spare. Throughout his explosive innings, he exhibited his aggressive style, dispatching the bowlers to all corners of the cricketing park.

Maxwell’s innings was a display of pure aggression and dominance. He reached his half-century in a mere 26 balls and then accelerated to reach the coveted three-figure mark in just 14 more deliveries. In total, the Australian all-rounder plundered nine boundaries and six maximums on his way to the record-breaking century.

Speaking after his remarkable achievement, Maxwell revealed that he wasn’t feeling at his best when he walked out to bat. However, he credited the need to “clear his head” and adapt to the situation after the departures of his teammates, David Warner and Cameron Green. This adaptability and composure in the face of adversity allowed him to take his team to new heights.

One of the standout features of Maxwell’s innings was his audacious ramp shots, even when the Dutch bowlers attempted to exploit the pitch conditions. He explained that he believed he had enough time to take on the bowlers, even when they were delivering short-pitched deliveries. His lightning-fast hand-eye coordination allowed him to clear the infield and find boundaries.

Glenn Maxwell’s record-breaking century in the ODI World Cup is a testament to his extraordinary skill, adaptability, and fearless approach to the game. It will surely be remembered as one of the most exhilarating and electrifying performances in the history of ODI cricket, leaving fans and cricket enthusiasts in awe of his prowess.

By Ritik Sharma

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