All is not well between star footballer Lionel Messi and his club Paris Saint Germain (PSG). According to media reports, the club has suspended the Argentine star for two weeks. He is accused of traveling to Saudi Arabia without permission, Messi will not be allowed to train while the suspension is in place.

Apart from this, neither he will be able to play and he will not be given salary during this period. Messi’s contract with PSG is also expiring this season. In such a situation, this suspension has given rise to speculations that Messi may leave PSG. Messi is accompanied by his wife Antonella and children on a trip to Saudi Arabia.

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Veteran French football journalist Fabrizio Romano revealed these reports. Earlier it was reported that Messi would be banned for several days, while Fabrizio said that he would be suspended for two weeks. According to Fabrizio, this suspension is already in force and will continue for the next two weeks. He wrote – Paris Saint-Germain’s decision has been taken after Messi’s visit to Saudi Arabia this week, which was not authorized by the club.

Fabrizio wrote – Messi’s side is still waiting for an official update from the club to clarify the situation after the club’s informal decision. The club has not given any official update yet. If PSG follows this decision, then Messi will not be able to play for the next two weeks.

Now the question arises that where did this whole issue come from and why Messi despite being the star of the club had to suffer such a harsh decision. Let’s know.

Actually, this whole matter started from the last match of PSG. The club played its last match on 30 April against Lorient. PSG had to face a 3-1 defeat in that match. According to team rules, the players would have had two days off if PSG had won that match, but PSG lost the match. In this case the leave was cancelled. According to the rules, in this situation Messi should have trained with the team, but he went to Saudi Arabia.

Not only this, Messi’s offer from Saudi football club Al Hilal is also being told as a big reason. Messi is planning to leave French club Paris Saint Germain (PSG) after this season, his contract with the club will expire in June this year.

PSG have put Messi in front of new contacts, but the Argentina captain has not signed him. Meanwhile, Messi’s old club Barcelona has shown interest in calling him back again. At the same time, Saudi Arabia’s club Al Hilal has offered a record salary of Rs 3600 crore.

PSG’s team has many big players in the world. Apart from Messi, there are France captain and young star Kylian Mbappe, Brazilian legend Neymar Jr and former Spain captain Sergio Ramos. Despite this, the team was out of the UEFA Champions League for the second year in a row.

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