In IPL 2023, the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore may be confused about reaching the playoffs, but the players of the team are not leaving any chance to relax themselves.

On Monday, Royal Challengers Bangalore shared a video in which Virat Kohli, Dinesh Karthik, Glenn Maxwell and Mohammed Siraj took part in a fun bowling session. During this, Kohli surprised his teammates as well as all the fans with a twist.

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Actually, in the bowling session, all the four players were asked to hit a target while bowling, which was kept at some distance. Dinesh Karthik comes first and bowls three times. The ball hits the stand once while once it leaves the side of the target, the rest of the players got shocked at this.

After this Siraj comes for bowling. In the first chance he misses the target, while in the second chance Siraj throws a yorker which hits the root of the target and the stand collapses. Kohli and Maxwell can’t stop laughing at this and laughed a lot. Then Kohli says that Siraj threw the yorker.

After this Maxwell comes for bowling and throws all three balls together. Kohli comes in the end, but instead of bowling, he runs closer to the target and hits the ball in his hand at the exact target.

WATCH: Virat surprised everyone by bowling exact to the target

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