The Indian football team won the Intercontinental Cup title by winning the final. Under the captaincy of Sunil Chhetri, the Indian team won by defeating Lebanon 2-0. Leading from the front, Captain Chhetri also scored a goal in the match. The match was played in Bhubaneswar.

Till the first half, there was a tough fight between both the teams, but in the second half, the Indian team got to see the blast. The Lebanese defense line did not get a chance to understand anything and two goals were scored from the Indian side. This lead remained till the end and Team India won the title.

The first goal for India came from captain Chhetri. Coming in the second half, he scored a goal in the 46th minute, beating the opposition goalkeeper. Chhetri scored this goal on Chhangte’s pass. In this way, Team India took the lead as soon as they entered the second half.

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The second goal happened in dramatic fashion. The efforts of three players brought success. In the 65th minute, Chhetri passed to Mahesh but his shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. Meanwhile, Chhangte, who was standing there, showed his magic with his kick and this time the goalkeeper had no chance. From here India’s lead doubled.

After scoring two goals, there was no mistake from the Indian team. The Indian team aimed to retain the lead and did so till the very end. In this way, Team India lifted the cup by defeating Lebanon 2-0 in the final.

By Ritik Sharma

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