Records are made and broken on the cricket field. The feat of taking three wickets in three balls in one over has happened many times. At the same time, Lasith Malinga has also done the feat of taking four wickets in four balls twice. However, you would hardly have seen five wickets falling in an over. In a match played in the European Premier League, the bowler jokingly took five wickets in one over.

In fact, the European Premier League has shared a video on its Twitter handle, in which the bowler is seen showing the way to the pavilion to five batsmen in one over. The action of the bowler in the video is quite funny.

Along with this, he is seen throwing the ball very slowly. However, despite this, one batsman after another is seen playing bad shots and presenting his wicket as a gift.

WATCH– 5 wickets with this childish bowling action

In the video, the first batsman is given out by the umpire on LBW for hitting a very slow delivery. After this, the second batsman gives a simple catch on the boundary line in the process of making a big shot on the ball going far outside the stump. The third batsman misses the slower ball and ends up walking off stump. In this way the bowler’s hat-trick is completed by taking three wickets in three balls.

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After this, seeing the shot of the fourth batsman, you will be rolling with laughter. In an attempt to hit the slow delivery, the batter plays the ball in the air and the bowler manages to catch the catch very easily.

The last out batsman barely manages to cover 30 yards but takes a simple catch. In this way five wickets fall in one over. The video of this unique over is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

By Ritik Sharma

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