A video of a player fielding during a local cricket tournament in Karnataka’s Belgaum is going viral. In the semi-finals of the tournament, a player is stopping the ball going to the boundary by raising his leg in the air.

Retweeting this video, Sachin Tendulkar said – This is what happens when a person plays cricket, who also knows how to play football.

Kicked the ball inside the boundary  –

It is visible in the video that the batsman raises the bat to hit a six. As soon as he takes the shot, the fielder standing at the boundary tries to stop him. When the fielder’s balance deteriorates, he starts going outside the boundary, but in the meantime he throws the ball in the air.

Watch out this catch- retweeted by Tendulkar

As soon as the ball comes down, the fielder jumps in the air and kicks the ball. After this the other player catches the ball.

Controversy happened on such a catch in the Big Bash League –

In January 2023 in Australia’s Big Bash League, the player caught three tries. The player caught the ball inside the boundary and tossed the ball head first in the air, the ball went outside the boundary.

Neser went outside the boundary about 2-3 meters and while bouncing in the air, bounced the ball for the second time and brought it inside the ground. Then went back inside the boundary and completed the catch. There was a debate about this among many cricket experts.

By Ritik Sharma

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