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 “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve

Hello All! Well today we have a special guest in our post and most importantly we will be reading out the Story of a Girl whose birth and re-birth took on the special day of 24th December changed not only her life but also the life of the Cricketers who were ‘Divyang‘( Divyang is a Hindi word which means the one with a divine body part. The persons with disabilities are no longer be referred to as disabled persons, rather now be referred to as Divyang) through our recent conversation with that “Brave Girl” herself.

Cricketkeeda Sports : Could you please tell us about you in your golden words?

Our Specials Guest Honb’l Miss. Ghazal Khan [CEO : DCCBI]

“I am Ghazal Khan, CEO of Divyang Cricket Control Board of India and the World’s biggest Cricket League for the Physically Challenged Cricketers, Divyang Premier League. Also I’m the secretary of International affairs at International Cricket Council for the physically challenged, executive member of International Council for the Wheelchair Cricket and Head of Indian Wheelchair Cricket.”

 Divyang Cricket
Ghazal has been exceptional in her roles and responsibilities in managing the Divyang Cricket in India   

Cricketkeeda Sports : Could you please tell us about your Family, childhood and journey in a brief?

 Divyang Cricket
Ghazal started her journey back in 2015

Ghazal :  “My father Mr. Haroon Rasheed, the Secretary General of Divyang Cricket Control Board Of India. Since, childhood I have seen my father working for the physically challenged youth through cricket. When I was student I used to help him in drafting letters etc. So I had a fair knowledge of this Divyang Cricket for a long time. In 2015 the very first Asia Cup was organized in India and it was a time when I indulged with this cricket, just as a volunteer.”

Cricketkeeda Sports : Well! What’s that very incident that changed the life of yours’s and obviosuly the Physically Challenged Cricketers in India?

Ghazal :  “In the same year(in which I started my journey as a volunteer) on 22nd December 2015, I was going for my MBA examination on my Two-wheeler Vehicle. Suddenly, while riding I got fainted due to low blood pressure and met with an extremely horrible accident. At that time none of my family members were at my home town except my brother Aman who is no more with us. I was dragged nearly 500 metres from the accident point.

I had a facture in my brain and even my face had lost its beauty. I went to Coma and I was 98%dead. On ventilator with 2% life saving chances I spent 2 days. But on 24th December 2015, on my birthday, Almighty Allah blessed me with a new life. I spent nearly a month in ICU and 6 months as complete bed rest.”

Cricketkeeda Sports : Ahh! That was so horrifying! so how did the people supported you in your testing and resting times? How did that impacted your thinking?

Ghazal : “At that time, the Differently-Abled Cricketers used to call me and my dad each day to know about my health conditions. On the other hand some people who were very close to me, left me, just because I looked ugly.”

Since then, I think only and only on how I can for this Disability Cricket. Because I realized that the discrimination is being done with such cricketers.

Cricketkeeda Sports : How did the life changed after all this heart melting incidents in your life?

 Divyang Cricket
Ghazal has been awarded with many high-level roles across the globe to serve Divyang Cricket on a broader level

Ghazal : “In 2016, I was appointed as the Head of Media and Marketing in Divyang Cricket Control Board of India (previously known as Disabled Sporting Society), in 2019 I promoted as the CEO of Indian Wheelchair Cricket and in 2021 I honored with the designation of CEO of Divyang Cricket Control Board of India.

Recently, I got promotion in International Cricket Council for the Physically Challenged as the Secretary of International Affairs. I have fully dedicated myself for this Disability Cricket in India.”

Cricketkeeda Sports : Allright! I am loving this now, so can you shed some light on the development in the Divyang Cricket after all this that changed the lives of many?

 Divyang Cricket
Indian Divyang Cricket has reached new heights under Ghazal

Ghazal : I feel very proud to see the level of this Cricket is growing upwards in the success graph. I have seen Indian Cricket team for the Physically Challenged to win very first Asia Cup in 2015, Indian Wheelchair Cricket team to be Runner up in Asia Cup 2019 at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Very proud that Indian Cricket team for the Physically Challenged has played 96 International Matches in various countries and out of 96, 85 matches have been won by team India.”

Cricketkeeda Sports : That is such an exceptional achievement, kudos to you and your team. So can we get some light on the future plans now?

Ghazal : “I am working to establish Physically Challenged Cricket Worldwide i.e. Republic of Liberia, Antigua, Zimbabwe, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. It is my honour that I’m the only female in ICCPC and also the youngest one.”

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Cricketkeeda Sports : Wow! That sounds so exciting, well at last can we have your final Golden Words on your passion and ambition?

Ghazal :  “My passion, ambition and life is Disability Cricket. I’m very much grateful of the Almighty Allah for being chosen by him for the special job. My aim is to provide these cricketers same platform as the normal players get, the same dignity as the normal players get. Why do we see there disability instead of their Special ability..?”

“Somehow! I am successful to climb step 1 of my aim with the grand success of Divyang Premier League DPL T-20 season 1 (similar to IPL), the world’s biggest and only cricket league for the Physically Challenged Cricketers. Now I’m working  for the next edition of DPL T-20, in which I’m going to include Differently Abled Cricketers from all over the world.”

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Well indeed that conversation with Ghazal reminded me of a great quote by Helen Keller

 “A bend in the road is not the end of the road. Unless you fail to make the turn.”

Miss. Ghazal Khan surely proved the same.

Kudos to her mindset, dedication and generosity that she has been such a great leader and an example for many.

We at Cricketkeeda Sports  promise her and the respected Institution full-fledged support and would also appreciate others  to come forward and act as a leader of the society by sharing her spirited journey.

Thank You to our special Guest Miss. Ghazal Khan and all of our readers.

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